The Words that Bind Us Together


We work. We stay at home. We do both.



We always wanted to be a mom. We weren’t sure we wanted children at all.

We cook. 

We have the pizza guy on speed dial.

We breastfeed. We bottle feed.

We craft the day away.  We buy pre-made everything.

We lost the baby weight. We just call it weight now.

We think being a mother is rewarding.


We think it’s a challenge.



We know both are true.



We feel like we are losing ourselves.


We worry if we are doing it right.


We wish for five minutes of silence yet we long for adult conversation.

We feel guilty for getting mad.



We are ashamed.

We give all we have hoping it is enough.


We want to tell the mom next to us she is doing it right.




We want someone to tell us the same.

We love hard.

We are mothers.


Sign the manifesto if…


If you believe in community.
If you believe in putting our differences aside to
lift all mothers up in whatever way they need.
If you are committed to the Project Mother community,
to the village we always hear about,
that we all need as mothers to make it through.

We believe in saying

"I will not  judge;

I will love instead."


And if you stumble, and you probably

will, we will help you make it

right and keep moving forward. 

Sign the Manifesto Below!