Project Mother is a community striving for belonging and elevating mothers around the globe. Our foundation as a movement for radical acceptance means we are deeply rooted in the belief of our common thread as mothers. Through our partnerships and community building we hope to encourage mothers everywhere to live a more purposeful life. 

Project Mother provides a safe place for moms to be open, honest and share their hearts without fear of shame, guilt or rejection. We’ve all had a bad day, in fact, we’ve all had a bad week (if not month!) We get you, we will hold you, cry with you and then make you laugh because that’s the best part of being a mother - being able to laugh at the ridiculously, heart aching things we experience because at the end of the day we get to feel the most ridiculously, beautiful love.


See below for the many ways to be involved in our community. Through a local group, participating in Open Mic Nights and our private Facebook Community group.