You're Amazing - Now It's Time to Start Believing It!

You are who YOU say you are.

We are so adamant about teaching our kids not to let anyone bully them or tell them lies about themselves.  “Someone at school said I’m dumb/stupid/mean/etc”.  This has happened with my kids and I’m always quick to tell them that is NOT true, and then follow up with all the great attributes they possess: smart, kind, funny, helpful…  Or sometimes my kids say, “I’m not smart…” when they are discouraged and I immediately refute that and build them up telling them “YES YOU ARE!”.  I wouldn’t let them believe a lie like that for a hot second! #amen

As moms, sometimes I think we can be our own bully.  While other moms around us probably think “She’s is so amazing!”, or “How does she do it all?!”; we are usually listening to the bully inside telling lies about how “I’m not good enough”, “I’m such a mess!”, or comparing myself to the next amazing mom over there.  Well, guess what?  YOU are amazing.  You’re a mom.  You’re doing your best.  You’re loving your kids.  Doing the laundry.  Going to work.  Packing lunches.  Prepping for meetings.  Helping with homework.  Paying the bills.  The list is endless.  And isn’t that enough?  Isn’t that enough to be amazing?!  Maybe “AMAZING” isn’t a word you would use to describe yourself (me either!), but why not?  

Everywhere we look we could find another mom doing more, looking more put together, making better meals in a more beautiful kitchen...which makes it hard to think my little life is substantial enough for me to be in the “Amazing Mom Category”.  I pretty much don’t feel amazing.  I have messes I can’t seem to clean up, a to-do list a mile long (and growing!), laundry baskets overflowing - and that’s just the housework.  On top of that there are errands, work, family and friends, exercise, and let’s not forget: holiday drama!  Honestly, I can’t keep up.  But none of that means that I’m not a great mom.  I’m in the trenches, just like all of you and I have to remember that those aren’t the things that matter.  We can be so unforgiving to ourselves.

The lies you tell yourself are probably the worst ones out there: “I’m such a bad mom”, “I am a failure”, “I’m letting my kids down”, “I’m not good enough”...  Well, what would you tell your kids if they were believing those lies about themselves?  We would hug them and kiss them and build them up!  We would never let them get away with it!  So, I am here to encourage you to do the same to YOURSELF.  Take a minute, an hour, a day, whatever time you need to think of the lies you let yourself believe...and then take the time to let them go.  They are not true and they are taking joy away from your everyday life.  

And as moms, we can partner together and not let each other believe the lies.  Even behind perfect meals, a productive meeting, and a spotless house, we all need a boost once in a while.

You’re amazing and you’re doing a great job, Mom.


After reading Jill's post, do you feel amazing? I sure do! How do you think we can help each other continue to feel this way and actually believe that we are amazing despite having less than amazing looking to-do lists?