Why You Should Buy the Dang Shirt

Guilt- A feeling of having committed wrong or failed in an obligation.

MOM Guilt: A feeling of having committed wrong in EVERYTHING WE DO or failed in an obligation DAILY.

There are a lot of things that us moms feel guilty about. Maybe you feel guilty about not having enough patience during your three year olds public meltdown. Maybe you feel guilty about not reading a bedtime story because you were too tired. Maybe you feel guilty about hiding in the bathroom while eating a snickers bar so you wouldn’t have to share it with anybody. These little rascals can really make us feel guilty from time to time, especially when you go in to peek on them while they are sleeping and they look like precious little angels that do no wrong.  

So we know we feel guilty about “not doing enough” for our children, but have you ever felt guilty about doing things for yourself?

Come on, we’ve all been there. Maybe you had a kid free hour between piano lessons and gymnastics and decided to browse through Target to kill some time. Because who doesn’t love Target. You spot a super cute shirt. You tell yourself to keep walking. But it’s like the shirt is following you. Everytime you turn around, there it is! So you grab the shirt and head to the dressing room. You try it on. You do the 360 degree mirror check. You look hot in this shirt. You love the fabric. You love the color. It’s so much better than your ratty t-shirt that has a hole under the armpit. You check the price tag. Not too bad! You ask yourself 500 questions so you can convince yourself to buy the shirt. “When’s the last time I bought something”, “I never buy anything for myself”, “I look really good and feel really good in this shirt”, etc. You put your old ketchup stained t-shirt back on and head for the cash register.

But somewhere along the way, in between the kitchen appliances and the curtains, you start to talk yourself out of buying the shirt. The GUILT sets in. “Do I really need this shirt?”, “It didn’t look that good”, and the best one of all “I would rather get a little something for the kids instead”. So you put the shirt back and slowly walk out of the store. Or maybe you are the person who buys the shirt only to turn back around and return it.  I am so guilty of this. Why can I buy for others but have to justify buying something for myself? Do I not work hard keeping my house clean, my husband happy, and my kids alive? Don’t I deserve to pamper myself every now and then? They really need a sign at Target that says “Mom guilt free zone”!

The answer is YES. Your husband says yes and your kids say yes. So now you need to tell yourself yes. You do work hard. You did look super hot and it is OK to treat yourself every now and then. We know you love to make your kids happy and you enjoy buying for them but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy for yourself. So whip that minivan back into that Target parking lot and get the shirt. Wear it out of the store! Strut your stuff! You do deserve it momma (and you won’t embarrass your kids at gymnastics in your old ratty t-shirt). Your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they just want a happy one. Buy the dang shirt.

So, maybe you’re not embarrassing your kid at pick up, yes they will love you through it. But how is putting the shirt back loving yourself? Your duties as a mother are never done but how you feel about yourself matters, how you feel about your purchases matter. So yes buy the dang shirt...on purpose, for purpose!

What triggers your mom guilt? How can we as mothers change our mind set to a new focus of purposeful purchasing? Do you think putting you on the not guilty list could impact those closest to you? Please share below or tell us what you are struggle with over in our Facebook Support Group. We have hundreds of moms ready to help lift you up!