What's All This About Project Mother?

Manifesto is a strong word, a magnificent word. A manifesto is a beautiful, soul-filled declaration of beliefs that bind a group of individuals together. That is what Mother Manifesto is straight to its core all the way to the tips of its branches. It bound us together in the belief that while we all feel things, know things and do things differently; we are are all mothers that love deeply, believe in lifting each other, long to give and receive support while sharing the ups and downs of motherhood because we know it doesn’t, or rather shouldn’t define us.

I can’t even begin to explain what the last three years has meant to me. Mothers have stretched their hearts from Texas to Canada from Oregon to New York and the community that continues to grow every day is a rock solid group of women that I’m proud to know. Many many thanks to all of you for your support, for believing in the manifesto and me and Chrissi, for joining the #mothermovement, local groups and our FB community group. We couldn’t have done ANY of this without you!

Mother Manifesto was created to begin a conversation around the platform of ideas, sharing information and community. Now as we progress and grow into our next project we want to go from just being the ideas to providing you the opportunity to create change. As 2017 barrels forward, we are looking to take the community we have built here and allow y’all to go to the next level. First, we had to create something that wasn’t just a platform for gathering and sharing information.

As MM, we created this wonderful place where mothers could come, be themselves without fear of judgement, be messy and show up anyways to receive and give love from moms that were inherently just like them. We were gathering and mobilizing mothers together under our manifesto in a way that many people have never done before and that, my friend, is a damn beautiful thing. Moms have poured out their heart and soul on the pages of our blog, community page, met lifelong friends in our local groups and found invaluable resources through all it. And we know all of this will continue to happen because the foundation has been laid. Yet we thought to ourselves...now what? If we really want to support other moms and believe in loving outside of ourselves then we want to be able to find a way to mobilize you to help create actual change in the lives of all mothers, including your own.   

If you follow us on Instagram and caught our Instagram Stories from our trip to NYC, you have probably seen hints and sneak peeks of this “mother project” we keep teasing you with. Well, we are officially on a mission to create Project Mother. To build upon the community of motherhood, encourage, provide information and ultimately provide products and resources that not only support moms locally but moms around the world. We know by joining together in community this will create an impact on us as moms as well as having a beneficial impact on our children and families.

So what is Project Mother you ask? Project Mother is a collaborative enterprise of mothers striving to love and encourage one another by building rooted community and fostering ethical commerce. Our mission is to develop the livelihood and support of all mothers by providing an opportunity to create social impact. Through building upon the community of motherhood and curating products for moms by moms we are dedicated to stretching our hearts to support one another.

As we all know the duration of motherhood is an ever-going project. There is no finality, no arrival, no finish line. Even when your child grows up and goes to college, it’s not over. Even when they move out and get married, it’s not over. Even when you’re both old and grey, it’s not over. Your role as a mom is ever-evolving, always changing and from the moment motherhood was either decided, chosen, given, unexpected, whatever your circumstance was - your heart was stretched in ways you thought not possible. You’re here at Mother Manifesto because you believe in the manifesto and/or participated in the community as it pertains to you as an individual and now as we are transitioning to Project Mother we are hoping you will join us in our collaborative effort to do something carefully and intentionally as it pertains to where we are going in our journey of motherhood...and that is to love a little deeper.