What Only a Mom Could Understand

As mothers, we are used to putting ourselves last. It is something that comes innately to us the moment we find out we are pregnant. We begin to sacrifice with small things like junk food and not over exercising - OR at all..totally me- to bigger things like our bodies, sleep, energy, our complexion. That momma glow is NOT always so stunning! We sacrifice friendships. Life just changes after children. Many times, that can be hard to cope with. Lastly, wait for it….WINE! For me, personally, from day one, wine was sacrifice. I am not one to shy away from admitting that I indulge in a glass a day. On the weekends, TWO, depending on how good the Ghost Whisperer re-run I'm watching is. I know, I'm a party animal.

Once that sweet little angel comes and we hold them in our arms the sacrifice becomes even bigger. We give up our nights to breast feeding, bottle feeding and diaper changes. We give up days to crying and colic. We give up showers, drinking our cup of coffee or tea with both hands while enjoying our favorite TV show and must bounce in between sips. God forbid there are older siblings. We manage to turn our once human bodies into robot like zombies who manage to bop around in the morning feeding, dressing, making lunches, seeing our older children off to the bus. We manage to get to doctors appointments, extra curriculars, homework and dinner. Somewhere in there, we do laundry, clean up after multiple little (and sometimes bigger) beings who seem to be incapable of simply NOT dropping the towel or coat on the floor. We find that the thanks we can sometimes hope for, is nothing but a look like we are crazy because sleep deprivation has driven us to yelling. Despite, of course, asking 27 times prior to the yelling. But, we’re insane. ;)

So what is the biggest sacrifice we make? Some may say marriage. We lose that freedom to date. To travel as we will. To go to work and come home and have true quality time with our significant other we have decided to create this family with, happily. Let’s not even get into …sex. What the heck is that!? For me, the thought of needing to appease that need was frightening. Frightening. I was tired. I AM tired. So much so that I am willing to give up something that at one time was so glorious. Of course, it’s not just me in this marriage so the effort must be made. So I put my exhaustion aside. That’s not to say I don’t love my husband or being connected with him. I am just tired!

I believe THAT is the biggest sacrifice we make. Ourselves. In our entirety. Our rest. Our sanity. Many women can probably relate when I say that it is hard to express what being pregnant feels like. You may be able to relate when I say it can be hard to make your partner understand what post pardum feels like. The words may come out, but often times, I think us mommas don’t feel like they are really heard and truly understood. It’s not because our SO’s don’t care, they just don’t know. In most cases, they can’t know. We are the only ones who can understand the ultimate sacrifice of becoming a mommy. We sign up for it. We want it. We love it. But we are still human. We give up date nights with friends, significant others, jobs, hobbies, so on. Our sanity is questioned, we are still ‘expected’ to be ‘presentable’, we are still ‘expected’ to ‘bounce back’.

Let me tell you this my fellow mommas. Your self-sacrifice to your family is not unnoticed. It’s not unheard. You my friend are a mother loving superhero. You sacrifice what many will not. You DO what many cannot. Most of the time, it’s with a smile on your face. You may be tired, but you never give up. You would be the crazy lady at school if you needed to come to your child’s defense without a thought about how others are seeing you because that baby is your priority. You have given yourself, whole heartedly to another being. Many beings for some. You won’t get a trophy. You will get a group of women who understand you and understand that the life you once lead is gone. However, this new amazing one replaced it and we are all here together. Loving, venting, sipping, praying we MIGHT get the chance to skip out and go buy some new leggings kid free because the current ones we live are about to run holes!