(UN)-Glamorous Motherhood

Has motherhood been a reflection of your pre-baby expectations?  I think we can all agree, motherhood is the most surprising experience - both the joy and the challenge.  It’s probably not exactly what you pictured...


Picking up the latest weekly gossip magazine you’re sure to find photos of celebrities strolling their newborns in a super stylish high end jogger with a Starbucks in hand.  

Searching Pinterest, we can find millions of images of the perfect baby nursery makeover, beautifully styled and accessorized.  

Blogs featuring fun daily activities and crafts to do with your young children are everywhere...with the finished product looking like a gallery-worthy art creation.

But now that we have become moms, we know that all those images that make motherhood look glamorously full of wide smiles, cute baby clothes, and stylishly decorated playrooms aren’t always realistic.  In fact, there might be more tears, spit up, and piles of toys in your real version of motherhood.

Sometimes the cover-story version of motherhood is: “Oh your life must be so complete/perfect/beautiful/glamorous/rewarding”.  And of course the answer is mostly YES.  My life is perfect for where I’m at.  My life is beautiful because of (but not only because of!) my kids.  My life is rewarding being a mom.  I would never want to take for granted the blessing of being a mom.  BUT, there is nothing glamorous about it.

The sizes of diapers, the doses or tylenol, the grocery list of favorite foods (that changes by the day), the daycare diaper bag, the list of allergies, babysitters, the doctor’s appointments, playdate, preschool registration...it all takes up a lot of space in your life as a mom.  And none of it involves strolling the mall with a Starbucks!

Whether you are a working mom (I have usually worked very part time since being a mom) or stay at home mom...the #momlife isn’t always as picture perfect as we imagine it will be.  It’s such hard work being a parent.  From the moment our babies are born we worry about them and have a learning curve that just keeps on going - you never graduate from the challenges your parenting journey presents.

Some of us may be more surprised by the joy in motherhood and other of us may be more surprised by the challenges.  And if life as a mom isn’t as glamorous as we thought it might be...I know we gladly trade our fancy coffee and our perfectly decorated homes for cozy snuggles and loving moments with our kids.