Taking Care of You Even When You Can't

As humans we tend to hide our emotions especially when they are less than perfect. When you are home with an infant all day it can really become lonely. You lose daily interaction and simple communication. You somehow lose a little bit of yourself and gain an even bigger piece. As much as you love the simplicity of your new life your life is added with the cold cup of coffee, the pajamas you end up wearing all day, and the circles under your eyes. You feel isolated and alone sometimes. Being a mother is putting everyone else before yourself. It's making sure everyone has what they need before even thinking that there is something important you need for yourself.

It can be easy to let this loneliness sweep you up but making sure to take time for yourself is important. Even if you're at home all day with your kids it can still feel so lonely. Even if its a 30 minute coffee date with a friend, a bubble bath at bed time, a nice long conversation with someone you love over the phone. These are my go-to's that I find helpful. They give me a little bit of pep to keep on.

Some other ideas that can help:

A local group (church group/library or park play date).  

An exercise class. Maybe try out that yoga you've been wanting to!

A walk with a friend. Talking combined with the exercise can really help make you feel better.

Trying to find your new role with tired eyes can be challenging. Don't forget though, you're not alone in this and the giggles, snuggles, and those sleepy little faces make every second worth it. The days may drag but they aren't little forever. Rock them a little longer and hug them a little tighter. Most importantly, you're doing great momma. Don't forget that.