Sacrificing for the Greater Good

It is amazing to think about how much self-sacrificing we do as moms. Now, this is not to say that self-sacrificing is a bad thing but it does tend to put a lot of our needs to the back burner. With that being said, there is a lot of sacrificing we do as moms that is for the greater good. Whether anyone sees it or not, the sacrifices we make each day add up to a lot and in the end they help make our child’s world more fruitful in one way or another. Now, if only everyone could make these necessary sacrifices for the greater good.

As moms, we all make sacrifices each day to make our child’s life better in any way we can. We choose from new shoes for the baby or a pedicure for ourselves, or whether our kid goes to an above average daycare over buying a new car for ourselves. Are these sacrifices hard? Yes and no. I say "yes and no" because it is of course hard to put ourselves last, but we do it out of unconditional love for our child. At the end of the day we want our children to have more than we had and the best for them sometimes takes being selfless. However, this is not to say that all mothers do this like most of us do.

Speaking from my personal experiences of watching other moms around me over the years taught me a lot about parenting and motherhood. Everyone always asked me in my mid-twenties why I was waiting to have a child and I easily replied that I wanted to be ready for motherhood. I wanted to live life for a while and learn how to be selfless. I know it’s crazy when I say that but it is true. I have to say I truly admire the young mothers out there that are able to truly sacrifice for the greater good of there children because that is truly hard when your still growing as a person yourself.  On the flip side I know other young moms that are not able to make the right sacrifices for their children because they are not mature or experienced enough to be able to. There are also some moms who spend so much time sacrificing as young moms that when their kids get older they try to re-live their twenties because they were making so many sacrifices for the greater good. I have to truly give it to the young mothers out there who sacrifice each day for their children.  Amazing to see how motherhood for each mother is different but in the end we all make sacrifices for the greater-good of our children.

When I became pregnant I was so nervous and scared for the changes that were about to happen. I was nervous that my decisions now would not just affect me but would affect another human life.  I am sure a lot of new moms have these feelings, but as the baby grew inside of me so did my love for a human I hadn’t even met yet. With this love grew a sense of selflessness that came naturally. The moment I held my son in my arms I knew that my world had been changed forever. Not just for the fact that this I would be a mom but because I loved him more than I loved myself.  Which for me was crazy as I had spent my entire life being selfish and loving just me. I thought there was no way I would ever love something or someone more then myself. After two years of raising my son I must say every day I give him a better life and it is not a sacrifice but an honor and privilege. In all the self-sacrificing we also must remember to take of ourselves to be able to continue to make the sacrifices that are necessary.

All too often I see moms who sacrifice for their children but forget about themselves. So there is definitely a fine line between selfish and selfless and as moms we walk this fine line each day.  Self-sacrifice is a glorious thing that as moms we embrace each day to help our children excel and achieve all that we dream for them but as moms we all need some selfishness sometimes to help us maintain an identity for ourselves. We need to be able to keep our identities as moms and as women. To all moms out there I say thank you for all the sacrifices you make each day but always remember to do things for you because in the end all these things help with the greater good.

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