Pressing Pause: Company Announcement


Think about what your life looked like 18 months ago. Now, think about a year ago, maybe six or even three months ago? Chances are something big, life-altering or significant, to say the least, has happened to you and your family. Well, Chrissi and I weren’t immune to this either...

We’ve wrote before about motherhood being an ever-evolving project - which it most certainly is - there is never an arrival, a destination or an ending. There are twists and turns, ups and downs, gorgeous rolling hills and deep, dark valleys along the way for us to navigate our way through. This is why Project Mother exists - to encourage and support each other through the good, bad and the ugly!

Eighteen months ago, Chrissi and I sat on a buttery caramel-colored leather couch in Canton, Texas, and we shared and we cried and we laughed and we dreamed up exactly what we wanted Project Mother to be. A strong community rooted in kindness, love, encouragement that came together to make an impact in other mothers’ lives.

Project Mother is a collaborative enterprise of mothers striving to love and encourage one another by building rooted community and fostering ethical commerce through a quarterly subscription box of curated goods for moms, by moms.
— Our Mission

And today we sit in our separate Texas towns, with that same dream and same mission deep down in our bones. Yet, the daily life in front of us has changed...a lot. Where we thought we would be, is not. What we thought would happen, did not. How we thought the last 18 months would go, hasn’t. The fact is we both are living different lives today then 18, 12, and yes - even six and three months ago.

Our families, our partners have needed us because they are in some of their own darkest moments...and what do you do? You go. You run. No questions asked. Chrissi has always said struggle has given her life purpose and faith is what gets her through. Mine is wine. Ha! Just kidding. Mine is deflecting humor. :) So while we struggle and navigate the dark valley, we stay rooted in what our purpose is and that we will get through it. Because we’ve been here before, right mamas?

But, what does that mean for us, for Project Mother? It means we’re tired, unfocused and stretched to capacity. It means Project Mother has been put on the back burner and not given the attention it deserves, that we LOVE to give it and want to be a part of. Therefore, moving forward Project Mother will be pressing pause on our subscription boxes for a while.

The great news - something many of you have been asking for (!) - is that we will be transitioning our inventory to an online marketplace!! With the same mission of providing impact to mothers around the world through ethical commerce in our shop of curated goods for moms, by moms.

We think this was always the next step for us - we’ve just arrived here a little before we thought because life is just like that, right? So if you’ve had your eye on that olive wood spiral spoon or one of those gorgeous hand towels but didn’t want to commit to a subscription, now you can shop the individual products! Commence happy dance! (Psst...did you see our email with the free shipping code?! Don't worry, it's below too.) 

As always, our community is the foundation we stand on and we are excited to start up a new round of contributing writers on the blog in April! We also have a lot of exciting changes coming to our local groups with a few additions to announce - Houston and Chicago now have #MotherLocal meetups - so check them out and get connected with moms in your area.

Thank you all for your support, love and overwhelming belief in our mission over the last three years. From the very beginning, moms have come from all over to gather under our Manifesto, share in encouragement and support others across the globe. We look forward to continuing this good work through our new online marketplace, the community and local groups.  

P.S. If you don't get our emails - 1. you should, because we have a ton of new great stuff coming your way (and no, it's not all shop related :)) and 2. you missed our free shipping code to celebrate the launch of the shop! Use SHIPTOME for until April 3rd to get free shipping on our order in our new online marketplace!