No More Secrets...

Project Mother Subscription Box.jpeg

We've been hinting around for weeks (months?) about what we are up to over here and now it's finally time to let you in on our little secret! I know, I know...I can hardly stand it either!

You know that Project Mother is a collaborative enterprise of mothers striving to love and encourage one another by building rooted community and fostering ethical commerce - well, how exactly? Here's the fun part...wink, wink...Through a quarterly subscription box of curated goods FOR MOMS, BY MOMS. feels so damn good to get that out! We have been sitting on pins and needles around here just itching to tell all of you what we are up to! So much brainstorming, dreaming, planning, trips to visit each other, conference calls, a trip to NYC, samples up to our eyeballs and lots of new branding eye candy have been going on behind the scenes to make this dream become a reality.  

As I said in my last post when we told you about transitioning our name to Project Mother, as MM, we created this wonderful place where mothers could come, be themselves without fear of judgement, be messy and show up anyways to receive and give love from moms that were inherently just like them. We were gathering and mobilizing mothers together under our manifesto in a way that many people have never done before and that, my friend, is a damn beautiful thing. Moms have poured out their heart and soul on the pages of our blog, community page, met lifelong friends in our local groups and found invaluable resources through all it. And we know all of this will continue to happen because the foundation has been laid. Yet we thought to what? If we really want to support other moms and believe in loving outside of ourselves then we want to be able to find a way to mobilize you to help create actual change in the lives of all mothers, including your own.

Project Mother is the now what. We believe strongly that loving, support and encouraging others takes sacrifice and we will make a financial commitment in order to know that our money is going to a place that directly supports a mom somewhere else that may not have access to our community and our information. If we can give financial support to her and directly impact her life to raise and develop her family, Project Mother (formerly Mother Manifesto) does that for you through community and us buying products does that for her. And that changes her life while changing our own. It's a beautiful cycle, don't you agree?

So, momma, coming soon on May 5th, you'll be able to purchase the Project Mother box - a quarterly subscription box of quality products made with heart for moms, by moms. Mark your calendars and get ready! This is going to be one heck of a ride...