You're Invited to Motherlovin' February

February is a month in which love is on the brain. We take time this month to honor relationships, renew commitments, and demonstrate devotion. Gestures of love and appreciation are big this month, many of us do things for our significant others to show our love and we hope to be on the receiving end of some love from them as well.


It feels good to be seen, loved, and appreciated, right? What do you think would happen if we as moms turned that lens of love and appreciation on one another? Nobody knows what life is like as a Mom and the blessings and challenges we face quite like our fellow Moms do. Thus, nobody is quite so uniquely qualified to show the love that a mama’s heart needs.  We are DEFINITELY the women for this job.


So this is your invitation to step into #MotherlovinFebruary, 28 days of loving on other moms.  The idea is that every day this month, for 28 days, each of us will do at least one nice thing for another mom to let her know she is seen, loved, and valued. Below you will find a list of 28 ideas - they aren’t meant to be sequential (as in they don’t necessarily correspond with any given day) and they may not all work for all of us. I mean heck, you may decide to do the same action 28 days in a row. And this list isn’t exhaustive either, you may have some ideas of your own. But the challenge is this:


  • In the month of February, do something every single day to show love to another mom.

  • Post about it on social media or in the Mother Manifesto Facebook Community with the hashtag #MotherLovinFebruary and be entered to win PRIZES!

  • Share your journey with other moms in the Facebook Community - we are in this together!


Now, exploring and pursuing relationships is a vulnerable and insecurity-triggering thing to be sure, we may encounter bumps in the road. Pop on over the Mother Manifesto FB Group where we can talk about our successes and struggles, you can hear words of encouragement from other moms, and you might just find that you’re not alone in finding that not all friendships are as smooth as butter.



This movement is about deciding that relationships with other moms are worth pursuing and working for.  It’s about showing that other moms are people we want in our life, knowing in our hearts that we NEED each other, and that we are stronger because of our connections with one another. It’s about modeling friendship and caring for our kids.


  1. Reach out to another mom and schedule a playdate for your kids, someplace where the two of you can really sit and chat while your kids play.

  2. Schedule a moms’ night out with one or more other moms. It’s nice to know our company is wanted by others apart from our kids.

  3. Send a message or give a call to a mom who you know has been going through a tough time and check in on her - even just to let her know you’re thinking of/praying for her.

  4. Send a message or give a call to a mom who you know has just had something good or exciting happen- new house, new car, new job, pregnancy, etc.- and let her know how excited you are for her- even if it’s hard and you’re just a the teeniest bit jealous. <3

  5. Start a notebook where you keep a list of things going on with the other moms in your life so you can check in with them every once in awhile.

  6. Encourage another mom’s dreams!  Encourage her to explore her gifts, follow her dreams and go for it!

  7. Offer to bring a meal to a mom who is having a hard day (someone in the family is sick, co-parent is out of town, family having a crisis, etc.)

  8. Organize a Meal Train or similar website for folks to sign up to bring meals to a family who has just had a baby or has experienced a crisis.

  9. Set a reminder on your phone for when a mom friend has a big event or appointment happening (Dr’s appt, job interview, first day of work, trip, etc.) and send her a message letting her know you’re thinking of her.

  10. Smile and nod at a mom with a screaming, crying kid in the store. We’ve all been there, let her know she’s not alone!

  11. Know a mom who is moving? Offer to help her pack or take her kids while she does!

  12. COMPLIMENT! HER! KIDS!  Tell another mom a sweet story or something you admire about her child or tell a mom in public something nice that you see her child doing.

  13. Send a card to another mom for any reason at all - birthday card, thinking of you card, funny card, thank you card.   We moms need something other than bills in our mailbox.

  14. When you see another mom out in public, compliment her on something she’s wearing or an accessory she has that you admire.

  15. Pay for another mom’s meal or coffee in line.

  16. Strike up a conversation with a mom you’ve never met.

  17. Strike up a conversation with a mom you’ve been around before but maybe never really talked to. Someone at playgroup, school pickup, church, activities, etc.  Try getting to know her.

  18. Offer to babysit for another mom so she can get some stuff done or just get some time to herself.

  19. Arrange a childcare swap with another mom, during the day or for evenings out!

  20. Share a funny story or anecdote with a mom to make her laugh- bonus points if it’s about a shared struggle to let her know she’s not alone.

  21. Brag about a mom on social media- whether for her parenting, her great kids, her talents, her friendship- whatever it is you admire about her, shout it to the world!

  22. Bring a cup of coffee or tea to another mom during a morning meet-up (drop-off at school or day care, play date, at work, or even stop by her house if you’re out and about!)

  23. Buy something another mom is selling.  We all need clothes, make-up, accessories, household cleaning products- heck, we might be ready to try something new like essential oils, protein shakes, or a new workout. Why not give another mom a boost in confidence and income by sending your business her way? (Hint: Check out the #MotherMarketing directory in the Mother Manifesto Facebook group of a whole list of moms with stuff to offer)

  24. Buy or order something that another mom is MAKING. Have a friend who does custom wine glasses, shirts, hand-lettering, sewing, the works?  Place an order for something for a gift or to decorate your home (Hint:  Check out the #MotherMarketing directory in the Mother Manifesto FB Group)

  25. If you see a mom sitting holding a baby, offer to bring her a glass of water or a cup of coffee or tea.

  26. If you are at an event where food is served, offer to team up with another mom to watch each other’s kids while you fill plates, or even offer to make a plate for a mom holding a baby or to hold her little one while she eats.

  27. Reach out to a mom you haven’t talked to in awhile, just to check in and reconnect.

  28. INVITE A MOM TO THE MOTHER MANIFESTO FACEBOOK COMMUNITY!  Bring her into a space where she can connect and be supported.

Now that you're armed with the goods, get out there mommas and let's love each other well this February! Don't forget to check in the Mother Manifesto FB Group to let us know how it's going. share your struggles, successes and include the hashtag #MotherlovinFebruary to be included in the giveaways! XOXO!







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