Loving Your Body...Right Now


As women I think we all struggle with body image in some form or another. Given the added pressure of the society we live in today this struggle becomes hard for a lot of us.  What the media and society deems as the perfect body has left a lot of woman struggling to achieve this. Especially once you’re a mom and your body changes is more ways than you can ever have imagined. It isn’t until after childbirth that we truly understand how much our bodies change. This on-top of the changes in life, work and relationships makes it so difficult to achieve the “Perfect Body”. This leads to a larger question, what is the “Perfect Body” and who has the right to define this for us? No one, we as women have a choice to not let anyone, including society, define beautiful for us.

Beautiful is not defined by a certain shape or size. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and this is why it is our job as woman to fight back from the stereotypes and truly embrace the beauty in all women.  What better way for us to break the mold of what society has put upon us then to embrace and empower all women to love who they are. We are not just doing this for ourselves, but for our daughters and their children.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back generations from now and see how the beauty of women was changed and transitioned into something so powerful? The only way to do this is to start today with each and every one of us, changing the way we view ourselves.

How we view ourselves truly does affect so much, I definitely know this from experience. I was fortunate enough that most of my life I didn’t have to worry about what I ate or anything, as I was blessed with great genes. I always felt confident and beautiful no matter what: however, all that changed once I became pregnant. It took a solid 6 months into my pregnancy for me to accept and embrace the changes my body was going through but with that came the free of how I was going to get my body back after the baby.  You see all these models and celebrities that are rocking a fit body less than 2 months after having a baby, which left me wondering if that was truly achievable.  Well after the baby was born, I learned that it may have been achievable but with a lot of help and sacrifice.  Which I was willing to do the work but learned quickly that I was not willing to sacrifice the time with my child to bond and embrace my new role.  So I learned a balance of focusing on being a mom, wife and finding time to exercise and eat right. With this I had to embrace the fact that the body I knew before baby was not the same body I would have afterwards. My hips, breasts and body had changed in ways that it would not go back to it was before. With these new revelations came a new perspective on other woman around me.  For so long in life I had this image in my head of what was beautiful was and that image changed with great measure. With these revelations I learned to respect and embrace the beauty of a woman’s body and how it changes.

I think all too often we as woman forget to realize just how much our bodies go through during a lifetime. We grow up go through puberty and the transition from a girl to a young woman, to then being a mother. We are blessed to bring life into this world and with it the changes to our bodies are a sacrifice we make. However, society has made some of us dread baring a child in fear of how our bodies will change and if we will be loved and accepted for the new us. I am here to say that no matter what shape or size you are, you are beautiful.  Beauty isn’t just on the outside; it is truly something that comes from the inside. Women of all shapes and sizes are more beautiful than ever when they love and embrace themselves. Why; because it shows on the outside. When you love yourself it radiates outward for everyone to see.

As mothers in a social media and sexualized world today, it is truly our responsibility to show our daughters, nieces and all little girls a true example of how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that it comes from within. Although we all struggle with insecurities we are all prefect in our own way. If everyone was the same life would be awfully boring and who wants that. That is why loving you and empowering woman around you is such a powerful tool to truly change our society for future generations. With that said I believe that having a community of people to support each other and help empower each other such as Mother Manifesto is truly life changing.  We are able to speak about our concerns and shortcomings without judgment and truly have a voice about things that we all want to talk about. With support and empowerment we all can change the world around us and make it a better place to be.