I'm a Hot Mess Mom & You Could Be One Too

Raise your hand if you complete your to-do lists every day! Didn't raise your hand? It's okay, I didn't either! One of the misconceptions I had about motherhood was, to be a mother, you had your sh** together 100% of the time….. I'm lucky if I have it 10% of the time! I feel like most days I forget to put my pants on, much less remember to grocery shop, shower, feed the entire house, clean up after the kid, and brush my teeth. If I'm honest, by the end of the day, I know I'm just a hot mess mother.


Halfway through the year I made up a list of ways I could become a “better” mother. (A.k.a. Less of a hot mess, more of a super mother) Clean the house every day, shower every day, do the dishes the moment they are dirty, work out, spend time with other mother friends…. I did them all for a month, then realized I was exhausted. I had given away all of my peaceful lazy times, for active not so fun chores and duties, that I not only felt like a hot mess, but looked like one too! I was unhappy with the mother I was.


Finally it occurred to me. I am very okay being a happy hot mess mama! There are days when all I want to do is play and read stories to my daughter, not clean. Dishes can sit on the counter for a few hours while I enjoy my coffee. And I deserve a bubble bath once in a blue moon!


This next year, my challenge for you is to make a hot mess mother list! Every month write down 1 big thing you'd like to accomplish. Whether it be finishing a book, or re-organizing your pantry. Then pick 3 little things you'd like to do, such as bubble baths, washing your car, or going on a trip to the zoo. Lastly pick 2 areas you'd like to grow in. Mine are kitchen cleanliness, and laundry upkeep. Set realistic goals and celebrate the little victories that come with them! You put on pants today? You got all the toys picked up at nap time? Your kid actually pooped on the potty? You remembered to get diapers before you were completely out?! You are a rockstar mother! Don't you forget it.