How #squadgoals Saved Me


It's a stormy day here in Kentucky. My kiddos are actually having to play with no technology, because I'm old school, as they played I was chuckling because I had no girlfriends to call, then it hit me… i got real with myself and tears, slowly began to fall and I was reminded of the pain that motherhood can bring unknowingly. Have you ever stopped and wondered how you got to "that," place .... especially in the season of motherhood?!

Well, let me introduce you to "that," place for me. That place in between getting to know myself again after having two children 19mo apart and did I mention just getting married!! 2013 was a season full of blurred lines. None of my friends had babies and/or a husband. So to say I had someone to connect with to find a balance between motherhood and friends would be full of lies.

I had searched and tried finding my “tribe,” and everyone of them hurt me after they got what they needed. So I began to find what I loved to do, that was easy. So I thought…I loved my kids, I loved my husband, I loved softball, I loved dance… but I couldn't find friends in any of those things or categories, not as easily as I had thought anyway.

Then, when life hit my family like a ton of bricks. I had found my tribe by accident. My baby was seven months old, my oldest was two. My husband had been admitted into ICU at 28 for congestive heart failure. It was then that my faith walk was tested, my marriage was tested, my love for people were tested. However, it was in the toughest moment of my life  that a girl from my church walked into that room that I instantly knew that in the middle of the chaos God will give me a rainbow. For eight days that was my home. She reached to grab me when I couldn't find myself.

A few months later, she started what became my #squad more so like my family “tribe,” with a franchise called baby boot camp. A place where us Momma's can come together with our babes, and workout, laugh, cry, curse, and love one another right where we are. Motherhood isn't as pretty as life makes it out to be. No, Mary Poppins doesn't exists, and the sound of music is who we all secretly want to be.

Here's my reality and the truth I have learned to lean on in this season of motherhood… “hurting people, hurt people,” and sometimes when life shows you who people are…. If you can't change the people around you, change the people around you.

You deserve to know where you belong, so go find your tribe momma, they may be amongst the ones who are looking and searching just like you.

Don't settle for anything but the best, because sometimes the very best for you is simply one step outside your comfort zone, but a million memories to erase the hurt and the pain of feeling alone. So today I challenge you to be the best you, say hello to that mom that looks like she's had a tough day, she may be the very one to save you. I know for me that was the day my world changed.



Have you found your mom squad, tribe or village yet? Did you step out of your comfort zone to find them or become unexpected friends? Tell us your stories in the comments below! If you're looking for some momma friends, check our our local groups page here and our supportive mommas are always hanging out in our Facebook community group here