Five Ways to Find "Me Time" During the Daily Chaos

Where does the time go; seems like the minutes, hours and days fly by so fast. As mom’s we fill our daily lives with work, commitments, play dates, appointments and taking care of the daily grind. So where does that leave you? At the end of the day as moms, we all too often (Very Often) forget about finding time for ourselves. However, this doesn’t extinguish the fact that as moms’ we all need that “me” time to recharge and refresh ourselves. With the holidays upon us and the stress of family gatherings, gift buying and so much more added to our already packed schedules, finding time for “you” seems to be even more impossible. However, given the added stress this time of the year brings, finding time for “you”, has never been more important.

As moms, we tend to put ourselves on the back-burner a lot, not out of ignorance but yet out of selflessness.  We want to give 100% to our children and husband, which is great.  However, in order to be the mom, wife and friend we want to be, we have to find a balance of being able to refuel ourselves so that we can give 100% to everything we want too. All too often we forget this part, but we have to all start reminding ourselves that, “You can’t fill someone else’s cup without filling your own, as well”.  What I mean by this is that in order to be the cheerful, fulfilled mother, wife and friend we want to be, we have to take the time to refuel our mind, body and spirits so that we can refuel those around us as well.

As a first-time mom, it wasn’t until I was about mid-way through the first year of my son’s life that I truly realized how easy it is to forget about myself. Finding time for me had taken a back seat to everything else that was on the to-do-list.  At the end of the day after work, chores, and being a mom and wife, I didn’t have any energy left to dedicate to myself. So, after about the first year of my son’s life I felt empty, drained and exhausted. I was unhappy with my body because I had pushed aside my own health to dedicate 100% to being a new mom. I was resentful to my husband as I felt he wasn’t giving me the support I needed.  However, what I failed to realize was that I had taken on the bulk of the responsibility because I wanted it “Done Right or My Way”.  So I had no one to blame but myself. I had taken on so much that I had left zero time for me and without that refueling of myself I was left drained and unable to be the wife, mom and friend I wanted to be. So I took the leap and consciously I learned to let go. I started to find small ways to refuel myself, make life easier and make “me” a priority as well. When I did this, something amazing happened; I was not only happier but I was a better mom, wife and friend.   So, as moms it is all about learning as we go and finding ways to make life easier so we can carve out a little “me” time to refuel our spirits.

Here are a few tips that I have found helped me in finding time for myself in the chaos of the holidays and daily life:

Make Good Use of Nap Time

Learn to utilize nap time as not only a time to get some things done but also as a time to get in some “you” time. Let those dishes or laundry go and instead take some time to read a book or maybe give yourself a pedicure.  The dishes and laundry will always keep piling up but making some time for you will help those projects like dishes, not feel as mundane or daunting.  In the beginning of being a new mom I would literally spend my son’s entire nap time running around getting chores done, then when he woke up I was even more exhausted. Which, I can’t deny there are days I still do that but I have also realized when it is important to turn on the T.V. or open a good book and just sit down and relax while he naps.  That way when he wakes up I feel refreshed and ready to take on mom-duty.

Find a “Mom Tribe”

What I mean by this is find other mom’s that you can relate too, that have children close to your child(s) age, then plan play-dates and outings. This is a great way to not only get your kids some social play time but also allows you some great mommy social time to bounce off ideas, frustrations and get a fresh perspective on all things “mommy”.  One great way I did this was I planned a mommy and me fitness group with some fellow mommies.  This way we were not only helping ourselves by staying fit and healthy but also allowing our kids to play and learn health habits from us.

Meal Prepping Saves Time

All too often I hear people say how meal prepping takes too much time. Let me be the first to tell you I didn’t plan meals for the first year of my son’s life and it took a lot of time away from being able to do other things. Now, Sundays are my meal prep day. I spent an hour or so in the kitchen and I am able to prep dinners for the crockpot for the week, my son’s lunches, and mine my husband’s lunches and snacks for the week.  It may seem like it takes time but in the long run it saves me exponentially. I end up with more time in the morning to work out or enjoy a cup of coffee plus my entire family ends up eating much healthier, so for me this is a no-brainer.

Keep a Different Schedule

Basically, if your kid(s) go to sleep early or sleep in later, utilize that time for yourself. For example, my son goes to bed early, so I normally use this time to prep for the next day and get in some much needed “me” time. Another example is that I know my son wakes up early but I want to work out before he gets up, so I wake up an hour early so that I can get my workout in and out of the way by the time he wakes up.  All these things seem small, but a little extra amount of time dedicated to you, helps you which in turn helps everyone.

Learn to Say “No”

Sometimes as moms we want to do it all, but even Wonder Woman needs a break sometimes.   All too often we over-extend ourselves not realizing the consequence is hurting ourselves in the long run.  That is why it is important to learn to say no, decline that commitment or politely say I am too busy.  Sometimes it is hard to not do it all, but over-extending ourselves leaves us with zero time to refuel.


All of these tips have truly helped me carve out a little more time for myself and I hope it helps you do the same.  Always remember that taking time for you not only benefits you but everyone around you as well. As mom’s we have to remember to refuel and take some much needed time, that way we can be the best versions of ourselves and give 100% to everything.


How do you carve out "me time" during the chaos of everyday life? Tell us in the comments below so we can all get some good tips!