Don’t do it all—Do it together​​​​​​​

You know the fastest way to hit burnout?

Have a baby, then try to take care of that baby on your own.There’s a reason they say “it takes a village”. Well, heck yeah it does. More like an entire universe. And an entire truck-load of grace.

It does not matter if you work full time or work at home full time. If you put your kids in daycare or you keep them home or you send them to the most expensive school in town. Say it with me: It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you are late. If you are on time. If you are early. If you are all of the above in any given day.

If your hair is neatly done. If it’s a hot ole mom bun mess.

If you feel guilty.

If you feel loney.

If you feel…


You are not alone.

So why do this alone?

You don’t have to. And you shouldn’t.

The best thing we can do as mothers is to raise our babies and raise each other. We are all doing life for the first time—let’s help each other. Here are 10 simple ways to help another mom so you can do motherhood together.

  1. Swap play dates. Watch her kids at your house so she can take a break. Or do laundry. Or just sit down. Switch.

  2. Take her kids to school (or practice, or lessons, etc.). Switch.

  3. Text your nearest neighborhood mom—ask her if she needs anything while you’re at the store.

  4. Start a neighborhood Facebook group (private!) for the moms. Support each other. Share tips/playdates/uplifting articles/local kid-friendly events.

  5. Give her a hug. She needs it (you probably do to).

  6. Compliment her. Tell her she’s doing motherhood well. Mean it.

  7. Run across a good sale on kids clothes? Tell her. She might need a deal too.

  8. Be open. Share a tough day you had parenting. Being transparent and open helps bond us together.

  9. Pray for her. We need all the support we can get.

  10. Tell her it’s going to be ok. That this is hard. But we’re doing this together.

Let’s do this.

Or at least do it together.

Are you as fired up as we are?! Tell us the first thing you are going to do to help another mom below in the comments. I'll go first - I'm going to bring my two expecting neighbors a box of newborn diapers and some freezer meals once their new babies get here, along with a pair of arms to hold those fresh arrivals! Okay, now your turn.