Crazy Sh*t I Do For My Kids

Self-Sacrifice Diaries, Part 1: Crazy sh*t I do as a mom

You know the best feeling in the world?


I was at the airport one evening—sitting in a restaurant, alone, minding my own business and these two ladies came in and sat at the airport-too-close table right next to mine. It was loud in the restaurant so I went ahead and called my kids. They were getting ready for bed.

After a short conversation, I told them I loved them and that I would see them in the morning. I made an annoyingly embarrassing kissy face at them and hung up.

And looked up.

To two pairs of eyes stairing at me. Judging me.

We couldn’t help but overhear. Kids at home?

Yep. [#creepy]

Must be hard to be away from them.

Yep, it is, but we make it work.

Then something happened… you know that look when two people look at each other—and you just know. You know it. It’s the look of disapproval.

Do you travel often?

Yep, about once a month.

Who watches your kids?

Um. My husband; their dad.


This my friends, this is not a one time thing. The judgment we get for our choice to work outside the home is…well. It’s hard. We all make choices that are, what we each individually feel, are best for our families. For my family, that’s for me to work.

What I was doing that night, at the airport, late in the evening, was taking the red-eye flight. I take the redeye so I can get to my kids in the morning and squeeze them before school. I do that because it gives me just 10 more minutes with them in a week. Because those 10 minutes are worth an entire night on a plane. They are worth the no sleep, middle seat, weird stranger nodding off on my shoulder, redeye.

They are worth it. They are worth every minute away—and every painstaking moment flying back home.

I sacrifice sleep, a little sanity, and too many redeyes to count, to be with them.

We all make sacrifices as moms. No matter what we do for work (in or out of the home, corporate or startup, entrepenuer or big business), we all make sacrifices.

We don’t have to judge each other for them.

What might be insane to you or me, might be the perfect balance for another mom. Another family. So let’s do this. Let’s not judge each others choices for sacrifice. Let’s support it. What’s important is that we know what sacrifices to make, without sacrificing everything. Would I rather not travel? Sure. But does my job, that takes me away from my family, provide in ways that support them? YES. And that. That is why I do it. That is way I trek through airports half awake—it’s for them. For those babies.

Not for those judgy women at the airport.

Not for you.

Not for anyone else.

I self-sacrifice on sleep (and probably sanity, let’s be real), for my family.

Pick your sacrifice—just don’t pick on each other.