Breaking Free From Mom Guilt

I can remember before I became a mom how I envisioned being a mom would go.  I had this pretty little picture in my head of how I would do this and not do that, which coincided with my vision of how I would act, organize and juggle my life as a busy mom.  I remember how I used to judge moms for what they did and the things they put up with. It is funny before we are parents we think we have a true concept of how life will change but it isn’t until you truly have a child of your own that you understand what type of self-sacrificing and patience it takes to truly be a great parent.  Now, with this comes the reality that the “Perfect Mom” doesn’t truly exist. This doesn’t mean we can’t all strive to be the best mom possible but the true reality is that perfection is an illusion. Along with the bursting of this illusion of perfection comes the guilt of many things you wish you could or shouldn’t have done as a mom.

As a mom now, what I thought and felt before motherhood is not even in comparison. I feel guilt now for faulting other moms before becoming a mom or thinking I understood. Yet, I can’t let that guilt affect the type of mother I want to be. I truly know now that no mom is perfect. Trust me I try to aim to be as best I can but I too get frustrated and get tired.  I sometimes let my day affect my mood or I ignore my son for just a moment of silence to myself. So, yes I could let all things small faults add up to a lot of guilt but I will not let that weigh me down. I have realized that in all the faults I made as a mom comes the chance to grow and learn to become a better mom. While I feel guilt, I chose to embrace it and let it be an experience to learn from it and let it go, so that I can be better tomorrow than I was today.

Guilt is a heavy weight to carry in our daily lives, so as moms we shouldn’t have to carry it alone. Yet, as moms we all can relate to the feeling. Wishing you didn’t say that or that you didn’t let your frustration effect how you parented your child at the moment. Well, newsflash we are all human and human nature helps remind us all that we are not without faults.  Yet, most of us let the guilt effect not just the moment we do something we regret but how we feel daily. Moms need to unite in not holding in our guilt anymore but express it. Use it to learn, grow and become better moms. We need to rise up as a mom tribe and stand together in our faults and free ourselves of the guilt. It’s time to come together and speak about our guilt so we can be free from it.