Brand Partner: Graymarket Design

When we first walked up on the Graymarket Design both at NYNOW in February this year, both Chrissi and I were instantly drawn to these bags. Matt was at his computer and we both walked right by him to put our hands on the bags. THAT's how fabulous they are - two Southern women full of manners, threw them all out the window for the sake of beauty! The whole booth was full of exquisite, handmade goods but we knew these bags just HAD to be in one of our boxes, especially once we saw how well-made they were. Every thought and detail was poured into them from design to construction to long-term care. 

Hallie and Matt are a creative power couple - with Hallie's sense of textile design and style and Matt's incredible skill at photography, videography and web design - these two have turned Graymarket Design into an incredible company impacting the lives of many.

We asked them to share some stories about the mother artisans they work with to design and produce their beautiful goods. 


"In the block printing workshop, the sisters and mothers of the printers are also employed to print, sew, embroider, quality check, make chai and do whatever needs to be done around the shop," Hallie says, "It's really sweet to see the different families working alongside each other, and to watch the banter and bickering during the work day. It's a really playful atmosphere." 

Hallie goes on to tell us mothers that work on the cosmetic bags that are in the Summer Box, "With the cosmetic bags you ordered, the women actually play a huge role. We work with a fourth generation pompom tying family and the whole family takes part. The women specialize in braiding and tying the pompoms, and the men dye the yarn that's used, " She explains. 


Hallie also interviewed many of the moms in the shop and they all said, overwhelmingly, they love working with their families because it doesn't feel like work. And also, that they love working with their hands and feeling the textiles/fabrics underneath them. Many of them have more than just their husbands in the shop, but also sisters, brothers, uncles and other relatives.

You can also learn more about Graymarket Design in this video shot and produced by Matt of their time in India with the artisans they work with.