Mother Maker Partner: Chiban Leather

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Today we would like to introduce you to one of our brand partners, Chiban Leather. We worked with them to create this custom, beautiful leather clutch just for our subscribers. We wanted to not only showcase their  handcrafted amazing leather goods, but create a simple and functional product that we knew you mommas would love! 

Chiban Leather, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a social business that works to empower marginalized and vulnerable youth living in the city by creating employment opportunities. They produce high quality leather products for the local and international market using locally sourced materials. Chiban focuses on giving back to their community, and providing favorable working conditions for its employees. Eden Gelan, co-founder and CEO, interviewed Fantu and Aynalem, two of the mothers that work at Chiban. Eden wanted to see not only their feelings on being moms but what it was like being a working mom at Chiban Leather. So, let’s meet Fantu and Anyalem!


What changed for you after being a mom?

Fantu Lemi (son: Eyoel Birega, 4): I suddenly have a lot of responsibilities, I became more careful in what I say and what I do. I started thinking more for others than myself.

Aynalem Adugna (daughter: Frehiwot Zerihun, 5): I became more matured after I had my baby, all of a sudden i start getting along with older people. I start thinking better and became responsible.

What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

F: being a mother is my favorite thing itself, I love it.

A: just looking at my baby and seeing her love for me and just seeing her face and seeing her grow is my favorite thing.

Any drawbacks?

F: The fact that i wasn't able to pursue more education after i had my son.  

A: I have no regrets or drawback and love everything about being a mother.

What does your life look like after working at Chiban?

F: This is my first job after I had a baby and it built my confidence. It's different when you make your own money bring home than just waiting from my husband. I like the fact that i can support my family and buy what I want for my kid or my house. It also gave me hope to plan for future.  

A: Before I only knew certain things about leather but now I can make a whole bag and I learned skill here and I love my coworkers, I make more here than I made before so I am happy. Being a mother encourages me to work more and to do more.

I don't know about you, but I loved hearing from these moms at Chiban! I feel as if I can hear them speaking and love that I can certainly relate to what they are saying. Being a mother is like nothing I have ever done. What about you?!