#amomtaughtmethat & Mother's Day Giveaway


As mothers, there are things we just know. Because our gut tells us or that mystical mommy sense we have. But generally speaking, most of what we know we were taught by other moms. Our own mothers, grandmas, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, strangers, co-workers. There's an endless supply of motherly knowledge and advice out in the world (whether we like it or not!) and in celebration of Mother's Day, we want to spread some more of it around. Plus, we decided to make a giveaway out of it too. :) More on that a little later...

It's been fun to reflect on all the things I've learned about motherhood. Some certainly feel very trivial yet are often very useful and important at the end of the day (don't make a threat you don't intend to keep). While others are life-changing (grace upon grace upon grace). But it was hard to narrow it down to three, so I just kept it simple. 

1. My mom - She was right. About literally everything. P.S. Mom, I'm sorry for not realizing it sooner. Funny, right? You spend so much of your childhood trying to figure things out on your own, making your own assertions and swearing up and down that your parents just DON'T understand (Thanks Fresh Prince) And all of us probably heard "You'll get it when you have your own kids" and we all eye-rolled so hard but guess what? She was right. I DO get it. And it's excruciating, beautiful, amazing, heart-outside-your-body-painful just like she said it was. And it wasn't just the big love stuff either. Baby not sleeping? Put him on his stomach. (She was right.) Toddler in a foul mood? She needs to eat more. (She was right.) You feel like crap? You need to take better care of yourself. (Newsflash! She was right, again.) Thank you Mom for your endless love, care, advice, listening ear, hugs, kisses and energy to put up with my three children. Love you to the moon and back!

SMH & Mom - birthday.JPG

2. My sister - Patience actually is a virtue. And you only think you possess it until you have children. My sister has the patience of Job, always has and I marvel constantly at how she can keep her cool to steer calmly through many a-tantrum. I've always considered myself a patient person and in some instances I still am. But if it has to do with my three children, I'm out. The patience well has usually run dry before the first one has gone to school and it while it refills during the day, again it runs dry within 30 minutes of them being home from school. We all know motherhood is a 24hour, 365 day job, it's exhausting and we're constantly pushed to the edge. My sister is no different, yet she can hold her cool longer than most moms I know. I give her major props and definitely aspire to strengthen my patience muscles because of her. Thank you, A, for your love, advice, mother-knowledge sharing and all the fun over the years. Love you to the moon and back too! 

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3. Every mom everywhere - you never know another mom's story until you truly know her (and if you just open your heart and listen, she'll probably let you in) This is one of the basic foundations of Project Mother - don't judge a book by it's cover. Even though the mom down the street may look like she has her shizz all together, she could be quietly falling apart inside and desperately needing a friend. The mom at drop-off that's always dressed so cute, while you're in yoga pants every day? Maybe that's her way of feeling like HER, the only sliver of herself that she has left since having those kids. Give her a virtual high-five. Let her do her and you do you. That mom at Target, you know the one with the out-of-control kid? Maybe she's having a bad day, maybe her child has autism or a sensory processing disorder, maybe she's a single mom and hasn't had a break in six months. You don't know. And it doesn't matter. Give her that sweet smile of support, ask her if you can help her load her groceries, whatever feels natural. And if you can't, then walk the other way. My point is, we all have STUFF. And we don't always put it out there for others to see. We put on the brave face, the Instagram face and go through life. Thank you to all of you brave mamas out there that have poured their hearts out to me, trusting me, advising me, crying/laughing with me, teaching me. And all the other ones I've only met virtually - thank you for sharing yourself on our blog, on our social media accounts and in our Facebook community group. You're brave and beautiful and loved. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! 

Here's the full details on the giveaway...

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