4 Reasons YOU should get Involved With #MotherLocal


Hey, Mama! I’m Tori, your Community Coordinator for Project Mother.

Did you know that there are local groups of #Mothers that meet on the third Thursday of every month in their communities all over the country?

Our #MotherLocal groups are an important part of Project Mother’s mission to create a culture of community for moms that is free from judgment and overflowing with support and acceptance.

We have several groups that are meeting monthly already, a few that have been established and are looking for new leadership (aka YOU), and HUNDREDS of cities and towns across the country that are just waiting for YOU to start a group for moms in your area.

Whether it’s starting a new group, reviving an existing group, or joining in with a group that’s already rockin’ it, here are 4 Reasons why YOU need to be involved with #MotherLocal in your community:

  1. Because we all need connection, especially as moms.  Even if you’re the introvertiest of all the introverts according to every personality assessment ever, we are creatures of connection and it gets lonely if we have none.  Especially when we become moms and the questions and frustrations and uncertainties start, we need to hear from others that we are not alone, hear other people’s experiences, and sometimes just  get a hug. Or at least a nod of understanding, because maybe we aren’t all huggers and that’s ok.

  2. Because we are fighting the good fight.  We hear voices all the time telling us that we are not enough, pitting women against one another in comparison and competition, selling us a pack of lies that makes us feel like we are better off on our own.  When we bravely seek connection with one another, we are waging war on the status quo, pushing back against those messages that seek to weaken and isolate us. Just showing up for a #MotherLocal meeting is an act of strength and rebellion. And rebellions are built on hope (anyone else a Star Wars fan?)

  3. Because our kids are watching.  We want our kids to try new things, meet new friends, and be brave when things make them nervous.  Joining or starting a #MotherLocal group is a great way to try new things, meet new friends, and be brave if it makes us nervous right in front of them.  When we can lead by example and speak to them from experiences we can point to (“Remember the first time Mommy went to a #MotherMeetup? I was so nervous…”) we have a powerful tool of support and encouragement for them.  And also, we might meet moms with kids who could be great playmates for them, who knows?

  4. Because someone needs YOU!  Somewhere out there is a mom who thinks she’s all alone, she’s the only one, she is struggling with some of the same things you struggled with, and meeting you will be the light into her darkness that gets her through.  Maybe she’ll tell you when it happens and maybe you’ll never even know, but YOU may be the ray of hope someone is waiting for. If you bring your real self, your “mess,” and your authenticity, you never know when you may be exactly what someone needs in their hard season.

I really, really, REEHEEHEEHEEEEEEALLY hope you'll (yes, YOU!!!) will join us as we work to create spaces of belonging for moms (and YOU!!!!) across the country and around the world.  You can find your #MotherLocal Group right here and if you don’t see your community listed, you’ll also find a little spot to click to learn about starting a group.  Through that link it will show you how to send a message directly to me if you’ve got questions or if you’re ready to go!   You matter to us, you matter to this movement, and there are moms out there just waiting for you to matter to them!

See you soon!