Judgement: Drop It Like It's Hot Unless You're Snoop Dogg

First off, I want to give y’all a heads up on something new we have going on here at #Mother! No one likes a fly ball to face, so here’s a little play by play! Each month you are going to be seeing a theme, phrase or word popping up around our blog, community and social media. We believe this is going to be a fun way to get conversations going and fuel you guys for personal growth and mommy success!


With that being said...let’s get this party started shall we!!! Drum roll please…This month's theme is..




Yes! You read it correctly the big ugly word JUDGEMENT! It may come to no surprise to some of you but our mission is to choose not to judge and love instead! So starting with the word Judgement gets this party started on a clean slate with a narrowed focus! If we are going to own our title as a #Mother we have to nip this one in the bud and push this ugly word forward! (or backward in some sense)



We’ve all done it, we all are guilty. But it doesn't make it right or make it okay.  No, we may not literally be able to STOP mom judging but becoming more aware that it is a real issue and it hurts is the magic behind the mission. We may all be super moms holding it all together tough as sticks but on the inside we all have a tender heart for how we mother. Every single one of us can be hurt by harsh words and comments and at the end of the day none of us are right or wrong.



In the midst of it all, judging is just sharing your opinion with the world. And to be honest sometimes our opinions are not needed nor appreciated. So why do we feel the need to share them? We can all agree the mom judging has reached its peak or so I hope. That it has gone too far to the point where people are posting pics of random moms (strangers I tell you) and screaming to the world that these moms are getting it all wrong. To the moms being judged for their children's accidental deaths and injuries. Posts like these are getting thousands (ok, maybe millions) of shares and comments, all in all, opinions after opinions gunking up the virtual world. In the meantime taking up everyone's valuable time reading and expressing their two cents. Obviously the progression of the internet and 24/7 access to these stories and shares escalates things but the truth is these are real stories and real moms’ hearts. Not to mention your own personal experiences in your local communities and schools.  If we live in a generation where we are constantly being judged and therefore feeling the emotion to fight fire with fire, how are going to stop it? How can we control the beast? How can we teach our children that it is not ok?



Like I said before, we’ve all done it! Meaning we live in a world where we need to be prepared. Almost super naturally prepared, that it is going to happen. We need to spread positivity and love every chance we get...am I right? If we can take responsibility for what we put out into the world and really try our best to think before we speak, we can make ripples, ladies. We are educating others around us that this way of adulting is not ok. We can never go wrong with choosing to spread joy and love to those around us. One positive comment, one hug, one high five can change the course of one life.



So why not lift each other higher? Why not?! I want to challenge you today to take responsibility for your actions, your judging and your words… Choose today to speak life and understanding to those around you.



Choose today to not judge and love instead.



How do you feel about this dirty word; Judgement? We’d love to hear your personal experiences and your stories. Feel free to join in on this conversation below in the comments or head over to our Mother Manifesto FB Community, can’t wait to see your side of things!