Mom's Morning Out + Champagne Soaked Berries

When the kids went off to school a few weeks ago, I hosted a fun Mom’s Morning Out for a few of my mom friends.  We sipped mimosas, nibbled on snacks, and enjoyed each other’s company WITHOUT our dear children interrupting us.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my guys, and I was even sad to think about how fast the years have gone by...I wondered how I could possibly have a junior in high school, and I marveled at my 6th grader, thinking about how we were told by doctors that he may not live to see his first birthday...but, I also love my time away from the boys, and I was so ready for school to start!

The favorite treat of the morning was, hands down, the champagne soaked strawberries.  They were AMAZING!  And simple.  Simple is important in my life right now...delicious is an added bonus. If I had more time or inclination, I would have dipped them in chocolate too, but I didn’t, and that’s ok.  


Fresh strawberries, washed and dried


Optional-Chocolate wafers to dip

Wash and dry your berries, and remove the leaves.  Add them to a jar with a lid.  Pour champagne over the berries, and close the lid.  Refrigerate for 24+ hours and enjoy!

So simple, right? I hope you enjoy!

We here at #Mother are BIG believers in self-care and mommy timeouts because you can't be YOU if you don't remember who YOU are! Did you get all that?! But for reals, ladies...that old saying, if momma ain't happy no one is happy is actually true. The whole family can tell when mom doesn't feel well, isn't herself and needs a break - so preempt the whole situation by taking time for yourself, doing a few things that you like to do so you can come back to be fully present, care for your children and get shizz done! AND don't feel guilty about it ONE BIT. #highfivesallaroundplease