Back to School - Treat Your Teach FREE Printable

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be here and sharing my #Mother story and a free printable back to school gift tag.  My name is Jessica, I blog at Everyday Party Magazine, I also publish a quarterly magazine with the same name.  Both are dedicated to sharing DIY and budget friendly parties.  I share free printables, DIY instructions, styling tips, recipes and more to help make parties amazing!  My blogging journey started well before I even really knew what blogging was.  I have four sons, my youngest two sons have immune deficiencies.  My third son spent many days and hours in and out of the hospital, doctors' offices, and seeing specialists as an infant.  He was so gravely ill.  Doctors had me carry him to and from any tests that were being done on him, and they would whisper behind my back about not knowing how much time I would have with my sweet boy.  I remember vividly every single trip to the ER, a specialist, his regular pediatrician, and each hospital stay.  All of his trips to see doctors and hospital stays raised red flags, and the doctors inability to diagnose him raised red flags with the department of children and families, and by the time my boy was about 7 months old, we were being investigated by DCF.  Finally, when he was 10 months old, a nurse came into our hospital room and said, "Jess, there is a doctor here than can help you with your son.  I have sent the DCF worker downstairs, I will stay in here with your son, you go ask for this doctor to come see you and the baby."  At this point, I was willing to do anything.  The doctor came in with a team of student doctors and flipped through his charts (the only time any of our stays even came close to what is on TV) and said, "Oh he has this...I'll write this RX and you can see me in my office in two weeks.  I'll have the discharge papers ready, and I will fax info over to DCF so they can leave you alone."  WHAT?  Seriously?  That was it?!  My boy was going home, DCF was leaving us alone, AND we knew how to treat him?!  I cried the whole way home.  I was in shock, I was elated, I googled what I shouldn't have...and I knew my boy would be ok.  But, because he does have an immune deficiency, I had to plan all of our sons' birthday parties at home.  And because their friends were having parties at jump places, pizza places, and gyms, I wanted to make sure my boys had the most amazing at home birthday parties ever!  As my boys have gotten older, they have each only wanted a party away from home once.  As my son (and his younger brother) have gotten older, they have gotten more healthy and have been able to be weened from most of their medicines!  But, they still want their parties at home, and I love doing them.  Their parties led to me blogging, and establishing Everyday Party Magazine.   So, now you know so much about my family, let's give you something for your little ones to take to their teachers for the first day of school.  I believe that teachers and families need to be a team. I want them to know my door is always open, and I need to know the same for them.  We also like to give our teachers a lot extra treats.  Sometimes it's as simple as party favor left overs for their treasure box (yes!!!) or a gift card, other times I give more elaborate gifts.  Every time, though, the teachers know it's because we appreciate them, and not just appreciate them, but we love them in our family.  I created a free editable gift tag for you.  Be sure to check out my blog for a list of gift ideas I gathered from over 35 teacher friends.   I so look forward getting to know the #Mother Community a little more.  I love my crazy mom blogger life and truly cannot imagine it any other way!