Your Space.


In the past five years that my Love, Joel, and I have been together we have moved Seven times.

Our first move was right before we got married and we have moved almost one to two times every year since.

And our seventh move was this July to our forever home.

They say Seven is the number of perfection and I won't argue with that.

When we were looking for a home to buy it started out really fun and then it just got really emotionally not fun.

Finding a home and then realizing that it had too many problems with it- or it was already spoken for got discouraging really fast.

When we found our forever home it almost was too good to be true and so perfect for us.

I am so thankful that all the other homes didnt work out, isnt it funny how that happens?!

Circumstances don’t go the way we hoped they would but in the end it was for the better.

With moving comes the wonderful world of going through every item in your house and wondering why you are even packing it.
By the third move I began to just throw everything/ give everything away.

It became actually something I looked forward to- Moving, cleaning house and just starting fresh.

But by baby number two it got kind of old.

And we began dreaming of the day we would stop renting and start settling.

When we found this little blue house, we could see our children growing up here.

It was perfect.

Here are some ways I have found that make moving into a new home an easy transition for us and our little ones.


Our Space quickly became the porch.

It was just a easy place to retreat to, away from the boxes and into the outdoors.

The cool summer breeze and the quiet noises of the neighborhood made it the perfect place to just relax and take in the peacefulness of our new home.

So find the place you will gravitate towards.


It could be your bedroom,living room or even your backyard.

Make that place comfy and when the craziness of trying to find whatever you packed away in your boxes gets too much you can retreat there with your favorite drink or book and relax.

Our Second place we are always in is the Kitchen.

I spend almost all day in this place ( at least it feels like it ) there is always dishes to be washed, snacks to be made and meals to create.


Growing up this was the place for conversation.

At my parents home we would always stand around drinking coffee and chatting in the kitchen.

So despite all the dirty dishes and the endless hungry stomachs my children seem to have, the kitchen to me is my happy place.

I love it.


So creating and decorating this part of the home always is one of my top priority.

After that- settling into the rest of the home doesn’t seem too big of a task to make happen.

And I have a place to retreat to and spend time with my littles or by myself.

What are some of Your Spaces that you have created in your home? Or maybe it’s outside of the home- coffee shop or library or even Target hehe  (my three favorite hangouts lol). I would love to hear about them.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and hope that you can spend some time in Your Space relaxing.


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