Tree Frogs and Freedom

Y’all. What you are about to read was a little struggle in the making. I had to walk away and come back a couple times. Because I’m really good at the coaching and the bullet points and the action steps. The fluff in between the would-be bullet points that make up a paragraph, is yucky to me. I’ll do it because I know I have to, but I’m more of a numbered list/action step kind of gal.

Then it hit me. Society gives this ideal of a perfectly written paragraph, covering it all, striving to do all the things. In trying to all be paragraphs, we fill our lives with half-assery and stress, and the lives around us, for that matter. Say we only do what we were made to do. And because we weren’t busy trying to be someone we aren’t, we could give all our energy and love and devotion and passion into these few things that are innate in us. What would that do for our communities, for our children?



For one, we give permission for others to not fake it either. For two, we leave them spots at the table. That chair labeled PTA that I would have one butt cheek in and doodles on my notebook and anxiety in my heart? Susie can have that seat. It was made for her, sitting tall in front of her color-coded calendar and full of creativity for activities and fundraising (is that what PTA does? My oldest is three. And it’s obviously not my jam). For three, when we are free from the pretending, that energy can go into our passion and the energy behind it is enough to go around! There is abundance in our natural talents! Striving runs dry, strategic pursuit of your sweet spot grows that spot into an ocean we all get to drink!


When I was maybe 8 or 10, I had an oversized t-shirt with a technicolor tree frog on it. It read “Celebrate Diversity”. Pretty sure it was from a fundraiser to save the rainforest. That is neither here nor there, the point is - by celebrating our own talents and gifts we are celebrating others’ talents and gifts.

The world that says it wants us all to be all things - to all people.

World, you’re drunk, go home.

What the world really wants is excellence. Us all pouring ourselves into the things we are naturals at. The sum of all the pursued passions of each member of a tribe is celebration, excellence, and a legacy of well-loved, diversity-seeking, self-appreciating babies.

AND GUESS WHAT. Then those precious, precious babies grow up to be precious, precious mommies and daddies that find freedom in their own unique bullet points rather than feeling the weight of striving for the unattainable goal of “doing it all”, flawlessly. Oh. My. Land. What if we allowed our kids to walk in this? Like, now? Like, let them dig in the dirt all the livelong day or build fort after freaking fort because that is what brings them alive?

Whew. That’s some good stuff.

Here are your action steps:

  1. Make a list of things that make you come alive or you know you are good at.

  2. Pick a quote or a verse as a momma/life mantra.

  3. Take a look at your calendar. Does the use of your time reflect your talents and passions?

  4. Do something about it.

  5. Go on with your bad self.