Build Your Mama Tribe


Having a mama tribe is essential to surviving motherhood these days. There is so much pressure all around us - to do things right, on time, within reason, perfect, this way, that, not that way. 

But finding your mama tribe can feel like a daunting task. Making new friends has never been easy for me. As I get older, I have found it a little more natural to be more outgoing but as a child I was very shy. And while I had friends, I preferred to sit on the "sidelines" in new and uncomfortable situations instead of putting myself out there and meet new people. 

Over in our Facebook Community Support Group, we've been talking about living in a society longing for community and I recently did a Facebook Live giving three tips on how to build your tribe. I thought I would share them with you here as well, because some of us mamas like to read instead of watching videos. :) 

  1. Accept your faults/flaws - We're human. We make mistakes and as soon as we all just accept that the better off we will be, okay? For reals. My mess make look different than yours, but we are all a hot mess in some way. (That's why #Mother is a proud host of #hotmessmondays) You're going to mess up and accepting that is the first step toward trying to make it "right" next time. And by "right" I mean, whatever "right" means to may be different for every momma. 
  2. Own up to your flaws + share them - This is the good part. What I called in my video the ooey, gooey golden goodness. The more you open up and share your flaws with others, the more they will share theirs with you creating a bond that strong communities, our tribes, are built on. This might be a hard one for some moms, but I actually enjoy this a lot. It's almost a release in some ways because the more I talk about it the better I feel. It helps me realize that I'm not a "bad" mom; it also inspires camaraderie and let's our community know we really do share a common thread.  
  3. Keep the cycle going - You have to let others in! Continually. A tribe is a constant relationship that needs to be nurtured, and it's a really easy thing to do. It's a give and take relationship. Sometime you'll be taking more than you're giving. Others you're giving more than you're taking and you don't bitch about it because that's what a tribe does for each other. You're there for each other in the highs and lows. And the best part is you never have to worry about whether someone is going to be there for you when you need them to be.  

Try these three simple things to build your mama tribe and I promise you will see some pretty cool things happen within your community! 

I would love to hear any other suggestions you have for building your mama tribe in the comments below or if you have any questions, please post them!