Stand Out Style on the 4th of July!


“That looks like something you already have”- the famous words of my mother to me in a dressing room.

Although I do take this statement to heart every time she says it. I have began to realize that if she doesn’t say this is when I should be alarmed. You see, the key to branding yourself and your personal style is consistency and cohesiveness!

Many of you may have noticed this but I love to mix prints. It has become my signature style not only in my past interiors but also in my wardrobe. I fearlessly wear it every chance I get. I have friends on the other hand that are not so bold.  Some are the queen of accessorizing and tend to gravitate towards solids paired with prints but throw in an edgy/feminine flare using ripped jeans and statement jewelry! Others are more simple blue jean and tee kind of girls. All lovely and unique in their own ways. These few key elements have become their signature styles to their personal brands.

What does personal brand mean? Glad you ask…

For instance, when you walk into Target you know what you’re going to get every time you walk in, they are a brand that isn’t going to swing one over on you. When you see a Starbucks you know what to expect, you are confident no matter where you are you will get great service and great coffee.

Why shouldn’t you feel the same way about yourself when you walk out the door? Confident that your visual message to world is saying..this is me! Especially on a holiday when your palette is narrowed down to just a few choices.

Essentially your clothes may be sending a message to the world that is false advertising. Which is why it is so important to get to know yourself and discover your personal brand image. As you unpeel the many layers of you, you will discover your style unfolding!

So...WHO ARE YOU? As you can see I didn’t say how can you be more like Bobby Sue down the road...WHO ARE YOU? This is a combination of many things, what you believe, your values, what you like, what you don’t like, are just a few of the questions that can help you unveil your passions for life.

If you could shop anywhere where would that be? Are there any brands or stores that you love? When you’re reading magazines what ads inspire you? These are just a few questions to ask yourself as these brands or styles may unveil images that represent your story.

Starting a Styled Speak pin board is a great way to learn a lot about your style. Check out mine for instance. I love it. (of course I do it’s mine!) It is cohesive, if it were a brand it would have the same message again and again! It’s globally infused with pattern and color. It looks as if “she” is quirky, fun with a hint of classic fits and silhouettes. Which if you know me... It is so me... I’d say I am classy, globally cultured and super quirky...which is why I am so cool

In the book Power of Style there is one style session that I love…she asks “What items in your home would you grab if you had to make a hasty exit?” Forget the family photos, your pet, your computer…they’re all safe. What are a few superficial items that hold importance to you that you would run to first? Now ask yourself why you would take them with you.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to be ourselves but somehow the world has told us that self expression is a bad thing. Uncovering your inner you may be a process but somewhere under that pretty Facebook photo is a unique and beautiful women. I am so excited for you to start transforming your personal brand image to reflect just that...a unique and beautiful you!

So this weekend let your red, white and blue shine the true you!


Check out these great styles for the Fourth and find which one fits your personal style!