Meet a #Mother - Gigi Simmons

Please Introduce yourself and tell us about your family.

I’m Gernayle (Gigi) Simmons, wife to John and Mommy to Naomi (2) and Naddiya (8 months). We live in the country roads of Rineyville, Ky.

What are three daily things you can’t live without?

Starbucks, Chapstick, Phone.

What do you wish people would have told you about motherhood and what kind of encouragement/wisdom would you give to the new strong-willed momma?

I sincerely wish people would have just been honest about how fast life hits you in the face when you leave the hospital. I would tell the strong-willed momma to love the moments she felt like she failed, because it’s these moments that she’s actually achieved the greatest title. 


What is something you strive to be intentional about and what statement reassures you as a mother?

That my oldest daughter still gets her quality time with me, and that our day dates don't go away. I’m reassured in this statement, “Tomorrow is going to come.” 

Do you have routines that you have to stick with?

The routine of bedtime is always the same, regardless of how the day has gone. We get baths, teeth brushed, dressed, cuddles and a book, prayers and lights off with soft music. 

What's your best #mothermoment?

Having two kiddos ALL NATURAL! 

What is your mother motto?

I’m always my girls' hero if I have give them my best self, because love is truly one way. 

How do you handle the hard moments? 

I get honest with myself. I am not perfect, failure is not when you have had a bad day, it simply means that today I wasn’t truly in my best element and tomorrow I get new mercies and new grace to endure the race of #motherhood.