Meet a #Mother - Paige Christensen


Please introduce yourself and tell us about your family.

My name is Paige Christensen and I'm married to Ben Christensen. We have two kids, one three-year-old girl named Milo and a 10-month-old boy named Ruckus.

What are three daily things you can’t live without?

Eek, I feel like I'm confessing my terrible habits. I cannot go throughout my day without a 44 oz Diet Dr. Pepper. Another thing would be my pajamas. If I'm at home, doesn't matter the time of day, you will find me in my pj's. I can't stand not being comfortable! Lastly, I can't live without hanging out with my family. They're pretty great.


If you could go back and visit yourself the year you became a mom, what would you tell yourself? What kind of encouragement or wisdom do you wish you had at that time?

I would tell myself to nap as often as possible. Laundry, dishes, all that other random stuff can wait! Just sleep!


What does your daily routine look like? Is there any one thing that you check off your list that makes your day a success?

My daily routine consists of waking up, getting Milo to school and Ruck down for a nap. After school if I'm lucky, both kids will be napping at together so I can catch up on emails and work. Once they're awake, Ben is done with work and we have some family time. This may consist of skateboarding and biking around the neighborhood, swimming in our pool, playing with the dogs or simply watching a movie. I'll usually break away early to start cooking dinner. From there we will eat, get the kids in the bath, then get them into bed and Ben and I will begin our favorite shows. This is always done with a big bowl of ice cream of course. Ice cream is a necessity in our house.

What has been your best #mothermoment?

My best #mothermoment was when Ruck was about 7 months and was sitting in the back seat with Milo. I was driving and all of a sudden I heard Milo start giggling at Ruck, then Ruck began gut laughing at Milo. That was one of those moments that I will cherish because it was the first time that they really connected with one another in a way that they will continue throughout their lives.


What is your mother motto?

Stick to schedules. My kids are both great sleepers and nappers and I personally believe it's because I've always put them down at the same times. When Milo was three months old she started sleeping in her own crib and stopped waking up throughout the night. I know it's not as easy to stick with schedules when you have more than one child because you're constantly on the run. But, try to do what's realistic for you and your child. It's worked wonders in our home!

If you had a day to yourself how would you spend it & why?

I would wake up, go get a massage, go thrift store and antique shopping, maybe take a nap because I haven't done that in ages! I know it's supposed to be a day for myself but then that night I would do a date night, ride the motorcycle to dinner and go see a movie with my husband. I always thought people were lame when every date night they'd go to dinner and a movie. Now I'm that person! We never get to go to movies because Ruckus is at that age that he would never sit through one. So the idea of doing that sounds pretty darn awesome.


If you could share one thing with our community of mothers, what would it be?

Enjoy your littles. Some days are so hard and others are incredible. The things you are teaching them now will be the very same things they will be teaching their kids!

Thank you Paige, we loved having you on the blog and getting to know you and your family!

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