Summer Bucket List


Hey Mamas! Can we all take a moment and jump for joy that Summer Break is finally here?! I know I am! I may be a creature of habit but there is something pretty glorious about unscheduled days and when staying in your jammies is totally appropriate! However, each year I also run in the same runt where I become intentional mama. What is intentional mama you ask? Oh gosh, let you tell you! I officially have given myself the title of intentional mama because I would have the intentions to create an amazing Summer Bucket List before school was out with fun ideas like making s'mores for dinner or having a water ballon fight however before I even know it, August trolls is ugly face around and bam, we are starting our back to school shopping and we still have yet to do a single item on the list that I had intended to do.

But this year, I have decided I was not going to carry the title of intentional mama and actually check things off our Summer Bucket list and have even created a printable to stick on the fridge to hold me accountable and the great thing is that I am sharing this list with all the "intentional mamas" out there that are in the same boat as me and maybe this year, we can tackle this Summer Bucket list before summer ends and spend more times creating memories with our little ones!