Overstimulated vs. Joy!

So, overstimulated is a real thing? Who knew! In a world where more is more, who could have guessed that you could be two-months-old or 32 years old and still struggle with overstimulation? I know you have heard the term overworked and underpaid. In comparison to how I feel right now I am giving overworked and underpaid a whole new meaning.

Let's get real for a minute, I am a busy mom; running a business, running a household. It is so easy to let my daughter play with my phone every day, the entire day. She's entertained literally all day. And then there is me, laptop in “my lap”, phone in my hand..busy, busy, busy because my work travels with me, my friends “travel” with me. I can work and socialize all at the same time wherever and whenever I want! I mean, when I am not working, I scroll Facebook and Instagram even if it jeopardizes conversation at dinner! (terrible, I know)

As we speak I am trying to convince my daughter to use her imagination and go outside to make mudpies, actually get her dolls and play with them (just like the girls on YouTube that she watches on the phone all day long) but I am loosing the battle! She has “commenced” to tell me that she wants to play the Strawberry Shortcake cake baking app. So, let me get this straight she cannot go outside (right outside my window) and make “mud cakes” but the app will entertain her and make her happy!

Uno momento! I have to go be a Mom for a second!

I am back, I was gone for 20 minutes, and I “commenced” to google a cake recipe throw a cake together with my daughter and put it in the oven! Now, I have 25 minutes (baking time) to finish this post and go back to being a “present mom” once again.

I had no idea when I started to write to you this morning that my post would turn in this direction, but here we are. This is just proof that this is a constant struggle, that this is the very thing that haunts me at night, overstimulated and no connection!

I obviously do not have it all figured out and it doesn’t take a rocket science to know that connection and conversation are as rare as a steak that needs a little more grill time. But here I am, a mom that is tired of feeling exhausted and empty. I mean how can you feel overstimulated and then at the end of the day feel empty? I have come to the conclusion for myself it is because my moments matter to me, but in turn I let this world rob them from me. If I continue to put myself in a bubble in front of my phone and laptop and teach my kids that it is ok, I am teaching them that those things matter and moments do not. I'm am teaching them that overstimulated is joy. If I would have let my daughter play the Strawberry Shortcake app and I continued to write, I would have missed out on the laughter of my daughter as she broke the eggs and she would have missed experiencing something that needed a little more than brainpower to get accomplished.

I believe there's no right or wrong way to end the war against overstimulation. I do believe that it starts with us and our decisions. Each day we have decisions to make in every moment, each moment leading to a choice. Some choices can change every moment for the rest of our lives. Every path you take is a choice, I choose joy, not overstimulated...what do you choose?