Top Five Truths to Make it to Summer


This week we sent an email campaign out to you guys because I was struggling. I was really struggling with the fact that the end of school year is here -- not only here--but this year is almost over. Call me a cry baby, but it is a little depressing isn't it, to know that your babies are a year older? It is? Right?  Ok right, we can all agree on that.

I always begin planning and goal setting at the beginning of the school year because it just makes more sense to me. By Jan 1st I am spent from playing Santa’s elf that even thinking about setting a goal would drive me to drinkin’. So being it is almost the end of May this strategy always sets me up for end of year blues. You know the feeling, right? If you’re a goal setter...those last five pounds never came off, that to-do that never got done.

With that being said, it is the end of the year and much to my surprise there are goals not met, and the ones I set for the kids and that bombed...well let just say choke me with regret! But here’s the thing, the clock is ticking and I’ve still got one month---one month ladies to make things happen.

I am not going to lie to ya, I am about to lay down the truths on how I plan on making this end of school year a winner!

Here they are mommas, five truths that will help you get through the end of the year--

  1. YOU HAVE TO FIND EXCITEMENT IN TODAY, NOT TOMORROW! The truth is you're not promised until the end of the school year, you are promised right now! So make TODAY and every day the best day ever!

  2. YOU'RE NOT THE WORST MOM EVER IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE CUTEST, MOST CREATIVE TEACHER’S GIFT! How many candles and summer baskets can one teacher get? Just get her a gift card to Target and accept that it's neither pretty nor crafty. Who doesn't love Target, I mean come on!

  3. ACCEPT NOW! No matter where you are on your goal list, no matter how many tantrums your daughter has had today, no matter where you are on your mother journey, ACCEPT IT! This is a hard one, I can already feel regret setting in, but take time to celebrate your goals that have been met and move forward! Onward and upward, ladies, onward and upward!

  4. PICK YOUR TOP THREE TO-DOS AND ONLY CONCENTRATE ON THEM! Do those three “I want to get dones”...get them checked off and call yourself a winner! Reality is I can’t do it all, you can't do it all. So prioritize what is most important to you and start there!

  5. STOCK UP ON YOUR FAVORITE WINE! Who can make through summer without wine or a fruity poolside cocktail. Not I! (if you can, I salute you) You don’t want to be “that mom” dragging your kids to the liquor store, so go head, stock up! (no judging here if you run out and have to make another run either, just sayin’)

Well that's all the truths I've got in me, mommas. I hope you power up and push through these last few weeks like a champ! If not...Suck it up, buttercup….summer awaits us!



PS: I would love to hear your truths for making it through to summer; comment below or hop over to our Facebook support group and let's do this MOTHER thing together!