#Mother's Birthstory

I saw mothers struggling, shamed, filled with guilt, afraid to trust their instincts, follow their dreams, listen to their hearts or their brains. I saw mothers desperate for connection, someone to understand, to go in public without judging eyes falling upon them. Second, third and fourth guessing every decision they make not because it made sense but because they’re wondering what other mothers might think or worried about how those moms are raising their kids or what they’re doing to keep it all together. How do they make it look so easy? Trying to keep up with the Jones’, do what you’re “supposed” to do, stay ahead of the curve, win, win, win, be better than her.

And I was one of them.

And even still, here we are it’s 2016 and the news is filled with viral Facebook posts from moms as victims of shamings in the formula aisle at Target – our Mecca, no less! And Chrissy Teigen’s date night debacle. I just...Can’t. Even.

But this right here is why I wrote the #mothermanifesto. I sat down one night and it just came out of me. I wanted to do something for mothers to show them we all have a common thread. To show them we should be lifting each other up with encouragement rather than shaming each other with our judgments. I know the manifesto won’t END judgments and shaming because humans aren’t perfect, but it is there to serve as a reminder. We don’t know everyone’s story and often times mothers need support and encouragement long before they ask for it.

Motherhood is many things. Beautiful, a blessing, wonderful, but also THE single hardest job you will EVER hold.

And it’s more fun with friends.

So, let’s celebrate motherhood together. Join the movement today and help us end the mommy wars.

Happy First Birthday, #Mother!

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