Family Contributions

Family Contributions - #motherstories

I have been really hard on myself lately thinking that I am not doing enough for my family, not contributing enough and feeling like I need a solid plan in place to remedy this. I talk to my husband about all these feelings and I guess last night he had heard enough. He said to me, "Do you realize that you only have a short amount of time with Jaxon all to yourself? That one day he's going to go to school and have friends and sleep in his own bed and not tell you every thought that comes into his mind? One day he wont climb into your lap anymore at every possible moment just to be close to you? We planned for this. This is important. His time with you right now is important. You can be a big time boss lady later. This matters." I about died. He's so right. Just a moment of clarity in this crazy thing called motherhood. I hope all you mamas out there know how loved you are and that this time with your littles matters.


Sara Moore