Divorced + Pregnant: A Single Mom's Story

Divorced & Pregnant - #motherstories

My story was pretty uneventful, until the day I found out I was pregnant. About 30 minutes before I took the test, I had come home from work, my husband sat me down at the kitchen table, and he asked for a divorce. I was completely blindsided. It felt like a dream. In a matter of minutes, my entire world flipped upside down. He left that night, and I immediately went to check on one little thing – if our months of trying to start a family had stuck. For the months before, I would pray for a positive test, and now I was praying for a negative. But there it was. Time stood still for a few moments as I sat in the bathroom and stared at the plus sign. I was already in shock from the divorce conversation, and now this? I felt like the last decade was ripped out from under me. I was suddenly a single mom, and I had no idea what to do next.

As my tiny human grew inside me over the next 9 months, my own instincts and character grew too. The emotional roller coaster of being pregnant (so many emotions on it’s own!), going through a divorce, and suddenly living alone were unlike any challenges I have ever faced. It shaped me into who I am today, and learning to be a mother to my sweet baby girl Penelope has been the most rewarding and demanding role I’ve ever had as a woman.

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Sara Moore