Breaking Point

Breaking Point - #motherstories

It was 1:17 AM and I had been fighting a teething toddler all night. Neither one of us had gotten any sleep and I knew the 6 AM alarm clock was going to come way too soon. But being a stay at home mom and business owner, I had no choice but to get up when the alarm went off or I would start the day off behind on work and probably never catch up. I felt bad for my son because I knew that he was uncomfortable. I mean I would be the same way if I were getting four teeth at once too. I wanted to cuddle with him and make him feel better, but nothing was working and I found myself quickly getting frustrated. I wanted to sleep, and I knew he did too, but the clock read 2:44 AM and we were still awake. I tried everything to get him comfortable and make him sleep, but it was a lost cause.


I reached a breaking point around 2:00 that morning and thought to myself "I can't do it anymore". I felt like giving up. I felt like I couldn't be Superwoman anymore and take care of a toddler all day on top of running a business. I was ready to quit. There was nothing forcing me to wake up so early, or stay up so late to work, and I could easily spend all day playing with my son and taking naps. I could focus on just being a mother and make things easier. I mean, why does it have to be so hard to do both anyway?


Breaking Point2 - #motherstories

But even though I was beyond tired and dreading the next day, I was thankful. I reminded myself that I am blessed to be awake at 2:00 AM with a little boy despite my desire to sleep. I reminded myself that there are so many others wishing and praying to be a mother, and I shouldn't take that for granted, no matter how hard it may be at that time. I thought about how passionate I am about my business and how much more I get out of it than just working in it. I knew that even though there will be many more sleepless nights and rough days, that I can do it. I can find that balance and still do it all. I can be a mother and a business owner and not have to be overwhelmed by that.


We all face the tough moments as mothers, but in the end, there is so much more joy that comes from it than I could have ever imagined and I am forever grateful to be able to experience it.


Sara Moore