We're Growing!

It had been a crazy morning full of packing suitcases, chasing naked children around with their pants, shuffling here to there with last minute errands and the time to load up in the car had finally arrived. I wrestled the baby into his seat while begging the toddler to climb into his. Snap, snap, snap. Done and done. I was just about to back out of the garage when I got a text message. I looked down and saw it was from one of my biz lady besties, Chrissi. It read, "Have you ever considered taking on a business partner for #Mother?" I smiled. Put my phone down. And backed out of the driveway.

Just the week before, I was texting back and forth with another biz lady friend of mine, Thuy. We were working on a project together for #Mother and trying to figure out all of the details. We both had almost the exact same vision for the project, it's future and everything was going so well. I could tell that Thuy was a go-getter, she like to take action and take it quickly which would greatly help my tendencies to get lost in the details or creative plans. That particular night, Thuy laid it out on the proverbial table that she was interested in partnering with me on #Mother as a whole, not just this one project.

This time I was a little surprised, really excited but surprised. It had never really occurred to me that someone else would want to do this with me. Starting a business is hard; starting a movement is harder. But there is something about this manifesto that is different. It is drawing mothers in. They see what I see; they believe what I believe and they see it so clearly and believe it so much they want to be a bigger part of it.

I'm very excited to be adding Thuy Bui and Chrissi Shields to the #Mother leadership team this year! It means so many things for #Mother, but I think the most important one is that there are three people here for all of you beautiful mommas. We can achieve goals that seemed impossible and reach for the stars that seemed too far off all while focusing on helping you have a fuller, happier life as a #mother!

I think for now this is where I will end the story. Please stay and take a peek around the new website! Check out the manifesto and the different ways you can get involved, all five shirts are live in the shop and of course, we would love to have you join the movement if you haven't already!

See you around, #mothers!