The Calm After The Storm

The calm after the storm. Seems almost silly to write those words right now. Mostly because it still feels like the storm is raging. It feels like this election season was more divisive than anyone could have imagined, even though we watched all of it unfold across our various screens. And still I'm not sure why or how I expected "the calm" to have arrived quite yet...wishful thinking, perhaps?

But, it will arrive eventually. Life will go on; there will still be a lot of angry, upset and scared people...but life will go on. Because as we know, by virtue of the fact that we are mothers, that you just can't throw your hands up in the air and say "Nope, this is where I give up. Sorry, I'm out. Good luck, y'all!"

Jobs need to be worked, children need to eat, houses need to be swept, bottoms need to be wiped and bills have to be paid. The calm has to be restored in our homes and our hearts so that we can move forward; not just for our own selves but for our children. 

The calm after the storm WILL come. It might look different for different families across the nation. Some with pride, some with hope and some with the resolve to keep fighting for what they believe in. And that's what makes America great. 

So, if I can give you one piece of advice, mommas to help you restore that calm within your heart and your home, it would be this...TURN OFF THE SCREENS, talk to your children about peace, love, hope and the right to vote; tell them what you believe,  show them don't just tell them your deep-rooted values, read them a book about America's history and talk about what life is like today around the world, ask them questions - oh Lord, ask them all the questions - and then wait...LISTEN to their answers, and then ask them more questions, get down on the floor and play with your little ones, sit down on the couch and steal hugs from your not-so-little ones, look them in the eyes and show them what it feels like to be unconditionally loved and please, oh please, oh please, keep the news, the Facebook, all of the crap that makes you hurt, angry, scared and disappointed OFF until they are innocently tucked in bed away from it all. 

Okay, I know that wasn't ONE piece but I think you get my point. 

Understand I'm not asking you to give up on your beliefs or hide your emotions - I'm asking you to not get caught up in the raging storm that lives on our screens. I wholeheartedly believe our children should see our passions, understand our beliefs and see us cry, see us angry AND in turn watch how we "deal" with those emotions. I also happen to believe that turning our screens on or off is the choice we get to make. 

Connection is vital to a family; between mother and child; not only because of the developmental or intellectual benefits your children receive but also because of something so simple as they way it makes you both feel deep inside, down to your soul. 

And that my friends, is love. 

I would love to hear how you're restoring "the calm" in your home or heart. In the comments below, drop me a little note to tell me how it's going.

I'll go first! My youngest turned two this week and we celebrated with a small party, my husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary and we celebrated with a yummy date night and the weather is beautiful so we are hanging outside more. All of this has done by momma heart a lot of good this week!