Not Enough

Have you ever thought about how you respond to the frequent question, “How are you?”  Often my response is, (a sometimes exacerbated)“Busy.”  Frankly, this is mostly an appropriate and relatable answer.  Moms are busy.  Kids are busy.  Families are busy.  Basically: we are all busy.  Homework, soccer, piano, scouts, birthdays, meals, volunteering, and (oh yeah:) work...thinking of it all makes me need to take a deep breath!  #namaste  Not only do we have to do all.the.things., but we have to do them perfectly, right?

When I stay inside my little bubble, I can easily get overwhelmed with what life is throwing at me.  I can get stressed and irritable feeling like I’m not enough.  I’m not enough to accomplish all that I need to or want to this week.  I’m not enough when I do the laundry but don’t get it put away neatly in everyone’s drawers.  I’m not enough when I make a new meal and no one eats it at dinner.  I’m not enough when I forget to send a special note in the kids’ lunches.  Even when we do so much it often feels like not enough.


This feeling of “I’m-too-busy-I-can’t-handle-one-more-chore/party/project/need” is universal!  YOU are not alone!  Our busy world makes us think we don’t have what it takes.  Just checking off the boxes doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.  We can go above and beyond - only to feel like we are barely scraping by.  With perfect Pinterest and Instagram photos passing by us every moment of the day, it’s no wonder we feel like we are not enough.


But what if life isn’t about anything we accomplish and instead it’s everything about how we live?  It makes me want to change.  It makes me believe that I am enough.  It makes me try harder at being who I’m created to be and less-hard at trying to be who I’m not.  [Don’t get me wrong: I don’t have this all figured out, but I’m working at it.]


I want to learn to value myself and not discount my imperfections.  


I need to find the strength to accept myself where I’m at right now - at any given time.  It helps me realize that the long list of to-dos in my planner is actually a small part of life.  I don’t want my kids to remember my organized cabinets, but rather the moments we spent together.  I don’t want to put my marriage on the back burner so I can be involved in all.the.activities. I don’t want to miss out on the joy of building relationships with my neighbors because I was inside scrubbing my floors.  


What makes you happy?  What brings you joy? Those may be the things you were created to do!  Maybe you can focus more on the “happy” and less on the “busy”.  Maybe it will make a difference.  Don’t force yourself to be perfect in areas of life that aren’t life-giving to YOU.  

You are not alone.

Your best is always good enough.  

You are perfectly imperfect.

You are enough.