Take the Time to Discover "You" Again

What did you love to do when you were little?

A question I was asked a few weeks back that stopped me in my tracks.

You may be thinking the same thing as I did, I don’t know!

Did you play by yourself a lot; were you quiet? Did you get in trouble at school for talking, did you wait for others to talk to you first?

As much as I wanted to say I don’t know to all of the questions, it had me thinking, if I knew the answers would I still be that same little girl? In a world where “just be yourself” is overdone and obviously not as easy as it may seem. I feel like we need to chat more about discovering it, digging into who you are, the core of you and owning it. Why hide behind years of the good, bad and ugly, when you can stand firm in who you are and the experiences that pushed you to where you are today. So, over the next few weeks I am going to challenge you to get uncomfortable, get uneasy and tell the girl that's had front row the last few years to go ahead and move to the back of the bus.

Right now, you are a mother, a friend, a cheerleader, a cook, a wife, a partner, a teammate, the launderer, the chauffeur, the housekeeper, the gardener, the volunteer, the worrier, the inspirer, the checkbook… and did I mention a business owner, employee or friend?! This is us on any given day. When I think about the duties and responsibilities I hold, ME, MYSELF...I get lost in all of it. I am evolving all day everyday. I am transitioning from task to task and bring the most molded me to each and every thing that will get the job done the quickest and the least messy, even if that means sacrificing “me” along the way.

So, when you ask me what did you love to do when you were little, my first response is I don’t even know what I ate for breakfast, did I eat? I don’t think we purposely forget, life just gets in the way and as we have molded ourselves over and over again...we somehow got lost somewhere between first grade and the present. The only thing we need to do now is go backward a bit and discover where “we” got lost.

I just got excited a little bit; it is such a beautiful thing to be lost in something, isn’t it? To realize that discovery can uncover a new better version of yourself. Maybe just, maybe discovering a version of you that has been there since the beginning. I do believe we were created to be who we were suppose to be. Meaning who we really are is in us and has always been there.

Discovery is a journey and maybe not always an easy one, but on the other side of the boxes that have been labeled for you (or maybe you labeled yourself) is a girl, a girl you have always been. Yes, to discover yourself you may have to revisit times of hardship. Yes, fear may strike in and you will doubt that it’s worth it.

More than likely you’ve been hard on yourself for most of your life. Time and time again life or people got in the way and you slowly tucked the “real you” away deep inside.  If you take the time to discover and own the personality inside of you, you won't waste your time trying to impress those around you.

The pressure is off!

I want you to say YES to revisiting past hardships. I want you to say YES to overcoming fears. I want you to say YES to self discovery. I want you to say YES to being you and discovering who that really is, no matter how far away it may seem.

Because you were born an original so don’t make you a copy!