About Project Mother


Project Mother is a collaborative enterprise of mothers striving to love and encourage one another by building rooted community and fostering ethical commerce.


We promise to build a community that creates impact and change. A gathering place for exchanging ideas that both encourage and strengthen relationships. Beautiful stories that inspire meaningful connections. Quality products made with heart.

A small push to a more purposeful life. Our mission is to develop the livelihood of all mothers by providing support and an opportunity to create social impact through an online marketplace of curated products for moms, by moms.


We are mothers. We are dreamers, believers, encouragers and doers. We are women, just like you, who want to do good, be good and live good. For our children, our families, for mothers everywhere and for ourselves. Together we want to do something to change the course of motherhood and what that looks like.


We are passionate about empowering women and most importantly, moms and their dream of entrepreneurship. The products in these boxes are secondary to the opportunity you are providing to the mothers who made them as well as the opportunity you are creating for your own family. We all want to be seen, valued and loved - and through your participation in the Project Mother community, you are showing up to say “I see you, I value you and I love you.” And when you do this for another mother, someone does this for you - and the cycle continues. This is the kind of legacy we want to leave for our children. It may require sacrifice, but we know Project Mother’s impact is valuable because of the good and opportunity it is creating in other places, including our own homes.