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A Small Push to a More Purposeful Life

Each season, you will receive a curated selection of goods made by mothers who are striving to better serve their family, their children, their partners and themselves through their craft.


Project Mother has been a truly positive force in my life! I joined at a time when I was new to my area and jumped head first into starting a local group. It has been a wonderful experience building a community of women who love and encourage one another! 

In today's uncertain world, love, generosity, and kindness are necessities - Project Mother embodies all of these things and more.

Andrea Ofiara | Albany, NY

I love that Project Mother gives moms a chance to connect and to be seen, known, and supported. I am unbelievably excited to watch this new chapter unfold as Project Mother reaches out and wraps its arms around moms across the world. My hope is that moms will step into their immeasurable power to support one another, promote love, acceptance, and create a better, kinder world for the next generation of humans.

Tori Rask | Portand, OR

 I am most excited that Project Mother is expanding its reach outside of our direct members through the Project Mother Box. Supporting a mother's ability to develop a craft and to earn a living for her family is such an amazing and impactful endeavor.  I am incredibly proud to be part of an organization committed to empowering women everywhere.  

Brandi Luig | Ft. Worth, TX